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Living room, display of personality

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living room furniture



Choosing furniture for the living room is a very important step in defining your home. It can be a challenge, a decisive moment, a habit; it is certainly a way to get to know each other because every living room has a soul and a personality that reflects that of those who live in it every day.

The living room is the area of the house where, in general, people like to spend their free time in absolute relaxation at home: whether it is watching a good movie, reading a good book or simply chatting on the sofa, the furniture in the living room must be knowing how to fulfill these needs by making the space it occupies functional and comfortable at the same time. It is a game between aesthetics and functionality, judged by the light, where all the elements that make up the furniture of a living room play a fundamental role: from the position of the furniture, to the coverings that are intended to be used, also and above all, to the colors that are being chosen.

The style of a living room depends on the character of those who live in it but at the same time gives character to the whole environment. And when it comes to character, Sag'80 has been able to identify and include it among the proposed products that make character and incisiveness their signature.

Two designers, two objects with a surprising character.

Apollo by Maxalto, designed by Antonio Citterio, is more than a simple sofa: it is the rigor of the shape that becomes a sinuous embrace in Antonio Citterio's design that also reveals much of his personality. Blitz by Mario Bellini, for B&B Italia, is a work of contemporary art, a flash of light that bursts into a living room, revolutionizing its perspective: it is a table, a bridge, a work of art. It is vision.


Apollo by Maxalto, the leap in quality for the living room

Can a curve be rigid, soft, rigorous and welcoming at the same time? The answer is yes.
The answer is Apollo by Maxato, the proposal of three different types of sofas, designed by Antonio Citterio in 2019.

Rigorous lines and soft and welcoming curves: this is the idea that moves Apollo and that immediately made it lovable. The shapes that play in the space that is created between the curve and the straight line, create a balanced and harmonious aesthetic.

It is a sofa with padded, deep and welcoming seats, made to be comfortable by the generous use of padding and the use of anatomical shapes that seem to call for embrace and comfort. From a technical point of view, Apollo by Maxalto is without feet but with a steel and solid wood structure that also plays in the dichotomy that guides all its creation: the fullness of wood and the lightness of steel dialogue on the road to functionality, comfort and beauty.

Yes, because Apollo is a beautiful sofa capable of imposing itself in a living room without weighing it down but managing to interpret, without smudging, the concept of contemporary elegance, a search for intimacy without sacrificing style.
Apollo is able to embody multiple roles, to suggest different emotions: a warm and intimate but at the same time chic and sophisticated living room.


Blitz, a light sculpture and love at first sight by Mario bellini

Blitz more than just a table was love at first sight that went from my mind to my hands and through pencil on paper. 

Mario Bellini


Blitz is Mario Bellini's latest 'effort', immediately being loved and produced by B&B Italia. What is Blitz? It is concretely a table, but inside it hides a whole world, a whole poetic that explodes at every glance. Its external structure is flat, thin, straight and geometric and is grafted onto an internal structure that is instead sinuous, dynamic and granting. It is a struggle between straight lines and curves in which, in the end, the concept of aesthetics itself prevails: Blitz seems to be a suspension bridge and under construction.

The chosen material also wants to launch a new message: the entire figure of Blitz is in fact made of bamboo wood, an absolute novelty for the productions of B&B Italia, a versatile wood able to ennoble in this case the intrinsic characteristics of the object thanks to solid wood processing. The whole creation is a synthesis and mirror of the best practices in design, engineering and fine cabinetmaking: it is the magic of craftsmanship that invents new ways.
The external surface of Blitz dialogues by contrast with its interior: the light top yields like an origami with dark finishes in soft shellac effect wood, creating lights and shadows.

With a length of 3 meters by 95 centimeters deep, Blitz can be a dining table, a desk in a prestigious office, a welcome and representative table for a large space.

It is in the relationship with the occupied space that it manages to give its best: it becomes a theater, a place to tell a story between shades, shadows and lights. It is an object with a powerful stage presence but not in terms of invasion but in the definition of space.

A space defined with elegance, class and style. A Blitz, a flash that bursts into the room.



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