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Interior relooking today represents a valid alternative and more economical solution, compared to an invasive renovation, to renovate the home and transform spaces, for example by increasing the brightness or changing the style.

Without the need to carry out structural interventions, creativity plays a key role in Interior Relooking, allowing you to recover or reuse what is already present in the home.

House Relooking or Interior Relooking is part of the universe of interior design but offers a more comfortable and accessible solution, which with a few provisions, such as moving a sofa or installing a particular lighting, is able to change the tone of an environment, whether it is an apartment, office or commercial spaces.


Interior Relooking: meaning and translation

Interior relooking means "modifying the interior". It is an intervention that involves the readjustment or reuse of what is already present in the home, with creativity as the keystone.

To act on the style of a home, sometimes just a few moves can be enough, for example deciding to change the destination or use of the furniture already present so as to make the most of its characteristics, also based on the available spaces.


How to redesign a space, what to consider

When carrying out Interior Relooking interventions we usually try to act on the decorations and style of an environment, trying to use what already exists in a different way, to handle the characteristics in a functional way.

For this reason, the first step to take is to evaluate the state of the house on which to manage: House Relooking is the perfect solution for more recent spaces that are not used to their full potential, while older homes often require more major and invasive renovations, in which it is necessary to invest more time and money, as well as considering aspects such as the position of electrical sockets or plumbing.


Differences between interior design and Interior Relooking

Interior Relooking is a specific branch of interior design, which contains in a broader way all those interventions aimed at reconstructing and renovating the house, giving it a new look.

These, however, inevitably also include the most complex and invasive works, such as the demolition of walls, the purchase of new furniture or the installation of new systems.

On the other hand, Interior Relooking focuses specifically on the readjustment and reuse of material already present, making significant improvements to the environment by acting on available colors, floors, accessories, doors, coverings and furniture in the home.


SAG'80 method and approach

The SAG'80 team made up of architects, interior designers and planners has allowed this Milanese group to establish itself over the years as a point of reference in the field of interior design to assist those who want to transform homes, offices or commercial spaces with tailor-made projects, realized according to your needs.

Among the solutions explored by the professionals you will find in the historic showroom in via Boccaccio 4, Milan there is obviously also Interior Relooking: a consultation will help you understand the ideal interventions to make the most of your home environment or your office.

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