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Italian Furniture Service



Interior Design & Italian Furniture - Italian furniture Service



The home is an environment that is getting closer and closer to us nowadays.

Staying at home in this very particular situation, we must to make it as much lovely as possible.


The aim of our team of interior designers is to renovate the home, giving it so much more value. We have to take care of our homes and make them unique with the MADE IN ITALY brands.

With Made in Italy Italian high-end furniture, we can give value to our homes, to be able to fully enjoy it even with our friends as soon as possible.


Our team of interior designers offers the best collections of the most exclusive Italian furniture brands, using contemporary and classic furniture in your interior design.


We have renowned brands of luxury Italian furniture such as Molteni&C for the wardrobes, library systems and TV areas, B&B Italia - Maxalto for the sofas, Boffi - Dada - Arclinea as leading companies of the kitchens, Lualdi the company specialized in doors. Finally, in lighting, we have famous brands all over the world such as Davide Groppi, master of light.

With these Italian furniture brands, we can create a tailor-made projects for your home, with a high-end interior design, making it the perfect home for you.


Today more than ever our home has a fundamental role for our behaviors and feelings.

By relying on our interior design consultants, you can have a home closer to you and your needs today.

The luxury furnishings for any space are crucial. We must give importance to every part of our house, from the bathroom to the bedroom, then to the living area with the upholstered furniture, where we spend our evenings reading a book. And let's not forget the kitchen, which now has become our favourite restaurant.


With the help from our interior design experts, together we will be able to enhance every element of your home, from the materials of the floor to the pot for the plants on terrace.


Designing a space accurately and paying attention to every detail of the furniture improves our quality of life.

Our team of interior designers is always well-prepared to guide you, to advise you, to listen to your needs and to provide you with an interior design decoration service based on your needs with the best luxury Italian furniture brands. There are over 100 brands of Italian luxury furniture companies that we can use to make your project unique and meet your expectations.


Our team of professionals specialized in interior design will be able to design the house of your dreams.

In this we must dream together!



interior-design-italian-furniture-service-sag80-B&B Italia-sofa-richard-armchair-milan
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