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In the modern concept of the home, the result of a process that public tastes change significantly in recent years, the open space living room has become an increasingly popular element for various reasons.

Higher brightness, larger spaces and the possibility of making this domestic environment more flexible, for example including an open kitchen, are all aspects that make the open space living room a highly popular and ideal solution for many people.

With its showrooms distributed throughout the Milan area, SAG'80 is the ideal partner to rely on to understand how to best furnish your living room. The team of professionals of the Milanese company is able to guide the customer through an extremely wide range of offers from the best Italian and foreign brands to find the most coherent and functional options in terms of style and design.


The best ideas for furnishing an open space living room, what to consider

More and more brands in the design furniture sector are paying increasing attention to the open space living room, offering versatile and customizable solutions capable of satisfying every need.

Before designing an open space living room, it is important to evaluate some fundamental aspects, which will inevitably affect the choice of furnishings. First of all, it will be necessary to consider the available spaces to understand how to divide them into different areas.

Lightness is also an important factor, for example to determine the colors of the walls or furnishings that will make up the living room. The position of the furniture and any windows must be evaluated to understand the degree of ventilation that can be achieved in the environment.


How to furnish a 30 sq m open space with kitchen and living room

The open space presents itself as an ideal solution even for those cases in which the spaces are not excessively large.

An area of approximately 30 sq m, for example, can easily be transformed into a comfortable open space living room by occupying one of the walls with a linear kitchen, which can then be separated from the other areas through various solutions, such as a functional counter or a glass dividing wall to provide a sense of continuity.

The living area can instead be furnished with a sofa or armchairs, without forgetting functional accessories such as poufs, to create an intimate environment with an original style where you can experience moments of relaxation and conviviality.


What is essential in an open space?

What makes open space a particularly popular solution today is that it creates a sense of balance and harmony when the different areas of this environment are well connected and coherent with each other.

Usually, in an open space living room cannot ignore the presence of a sofa, even a corner one if the spaces allow it, and a table that serves to identify the dining area.

The open kitchen represents another very popular option, as it allows you to avoid that past typical separation which forced those who prepare food to isolate themselves from the living room. Today all this can be overcome thanks to this open and inclusive solution, which allows you to carry out operations without giving up sharing moments with your guests or family.


Our realizations

The projects carried out by SAG'80 in Italy and around the world include different and multi-aspects solutions, among which, however, cases of open spaces composed of furniture and accessories of the highest quality could not be missed.

This is the case, for example, of the fascinating Milanese residence, renovated in collaboration with Dome Milano Studio to create a house with a vintage soul characterized by a living area with generous spaces which also includes the INDada kitchen by Dada and the area dedicated to lunch or dinner, placing itself as the true heart of the apartment.

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