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Refined home decor with designer rugs

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Rugs, a precious design solution for decorating rooms


Color, textures and geometries weave in an imaginative, original, unique way, and give life to an essential decorative element in modern homes, the rugs, capable of giving identity and revitalizing environments, as well as giving a cozy, warm atmosphere. Pleasant to touch and versatile, they show multiform patterns carved into the fleece that make them an ideal component to embellish the style of the house, now in the tapestry variant, placed on the wall instead of the headboard of the bed, now as the protagonist in the center of the room, or located in the middle of a well-illuminated entrance that enhances every single nuance. Today, the craft processes are more in vogue, especially those obtained with techniques that favor the material aspect and irregular lines, precious natural fabrics such as linen, wool and cotton, as well as embroideries, variations on the theme of the warp and weft, the applications of layers of different materials and the recovery of the ancient oriental ikat painting. It is essential that when choosing your rug you take into consideration that it must harmonize with the surrounding environment in terms of proportions, and with the furniture in terms of sizes, colors and graphic motifs. Among the contemporary patterns, the most loved ones by design enthusiasts are patchwork, with a modern and boho chic flavor, vintage revisited in a modern key, a trend that includes among the masters Gio Ponti and Joe Colombo, optical, especially in pastel tones, the decomposition of shapes and volumes that creates unprecedented geometries and plays of color, and the timeless floral.


Amini's 'Anatolia Patchwork' rugs blend past and modernity 

Colorful and with a timeless charm, the rugs from the 'Anatolia Patchwork' collection by Amini have an exotic flavor that refers to Turkey, the place of origin of the fabrics used to make them. They are in fact the result of the assembly of fragments of ancient rugs in 100% wool, worked with the patchwork technique, the union of different textures, different shades of color, patterns that instead of screeching blend perfectly, making sure that the sum of these strange addends are in absolute harmony. Patchwork is a magical, poetic textile art, with a fascinating origin, a meaning, a story that tells of scraps to be ennobled and tears to be sewn, perfectly represented in the unique pieces by Amini.


'Island' and 'Tangram' by Sirecom, contemporary geometries between art and furniture 

The rugs become modern, abstract paintings, which embellish rooms and floors when bold geometries and color combinations come into play. There are two collections by Sirecom that most express this conceptual style, the 'Island' and the 'Tangram'. In the first, geometric shapes connect to each other to propose unexpected solutions, together with a continuous search for new shades, but in total harmony, which combine to reconstruct a coherent and balanced uniqueness. The combinations are particularly harmonious and exclusive: the dusty pinks and the dark red, variations of gray and light blue enter the rooms and denote them chromatically without being invasive. The Tangram line, on the other hand, is inspired by the beauty of ancient Chinese culture and plays with plots and puzzles. New, unprecedented shapes thus pervade contemporary living spaces, releasing the unique personality of the space with tactile and visual emotions. The rugs of this line, in various shades, are made with the hand knotting technique, from 80 or 100 knots, in wool, silk, viscose and bamboo.


With 'Cobblestone' at home, the floors of Italian historic centers are revived 

Rugs inspired by the historic Italian squares, the floors of ancient villages and their timeless geometries. The Cobblestone rugs collection by G.T. Design represents an evolution in Deanna Comellini's research on organic forms, creating specimens with unique, irregular and fluid profiles halfway between the circle and the square. The style unequivocally refers to that of the characteristic pavement with tile inlay found in many streets of the beautiful country, where the fields of color in shades of blue and beige are separated by delicate grooves carved into the fleece of the rug. Made of Tencel, one of the most environmentally friendly fibers of extraordinary softness on the market today, it has the particularity that its format can be 'expandable', thus making it particularly suitable for custom-made flooring used in interior design projects.


'From the sun to the moon', the Kasthall rugs that decorate the walls

Not only the floor. Rugs today are real decorative elements, so design has also rediscovered their charm on the walls, as it once was for tapestries. The Swedish company Kashtall has thought of a particular line designed by Lara Bohinc, a Slovenian designer, called 'From the Sun to the Moon' which recalls the perfect balance between empty and full spaces typical of Japanese Zen gardens. The collection includes two rugs, a set of decorative pillows and two tapestries 'North Pole' and 'South Pole', handcrafted in pure wool with a linen effect and fringes in 100% pure linen. As you would expect, the names derive from the semicircular crest of blond brass, semicircular - the North Pole and the South Pole, in fact - below which there are bold lines of black and a mix of geometric shapes of various sizes and colors. In the lower part the fringes of linen of different lengths in pink, black and earth colors extend in the direction of gravity. A masterpiece of decorative art capable of embellishing without weighing down the rooms, giving style, originality and refinement.


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