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Outlet: Furniture for your home

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Wardrobes and more among the best offerings



Storage units are a fundamental aspect of home furnishing and indispensable for both living rooms and bedrooms. For the living room, we have sideboards and cabinetry and outfitted wardrobes for the bedroom or closet. you can find their creations at the furniture outlet by Sag80.

For years, Sag80 has carried collections, which can now be yours at convenient prices due to the upcoming refurbishment of the product exhibition. 


Furniture Sale season

Among the offerings at the furniture sale are storage units for both the living room and bedroom. Some of the designer furniture on display at the furniture outlet are: 

The Boutique Mast system from offers nautical lightness and graphic linealism, allowing great expressive freedom in creating floor-to-ceiling or wall compositions. Inspired by the masts of a ship. Boutique Mast is characterized by circular section metallic bars on which it is possible to install large, overhanging, wing-shaped shelves

The displayed model is a floor-to-ceiling version finished in burnished brass with a compartment fit with a fir door and black hemlock ledges.

Dimensions: 261 cm x h 270 cm depth 60 cm
Discounted price: 3200 euro


For the living room, we have the Modern system composed of detached compartments with hinged doors and push-pull flaps.
Modern is finished in red and blue lacquer with fir and hemlock wood.

Dimensions: 270 cm x h 210 cm  depth 46 cm
Discounted price: 2750 euro


The elegant Mikado sideboard in olive ashwood, a storage unit with an ethereal and exotic look, composed of a double row of panels and closed by two swinging doors. It is one of the most notable pieces from the brand and received the EDIDA prize (Elle Decor International Design Awards).

Dimensions: 110 cm x h 171 cm  depth 50 cm
Discounted price:  2480 euro


One of the wardrobes on offer is the Storage wardrobe, which consists of a mongoi wood frame and drawers, red fabric backing, and glass shelves with built-in LED sensor lights. Thanks to a completely built-in lighting system, the Storage system allows you to create luminous settings characterized by visual cleanliness and safety.

Dimensions: 600 cm x h 260 cm  depth 59 cm
Discounted price: 10900 euro


The Storage wardrobe is also an exceptional proposal in the version with glass doors, mongoi wood structure and drawers, red fabric backing, and glass shelves. This version is also available with built-in LED sensor lights.

Dimensions: 400 cm x h 244 cm  depth 63.3 cm
Discounted price  12500 euro


Furniture Outlet services

It is possible to integrate additional elements to these proposals, and in some cases, modify them according to your needs. To see all of the solutions and other incredible offerings, come find us in Milan at our showroom in Via San Marco, 1. Or you can get in contact with us remotely and enquire about our customization services or reserve your favorite piece during our Porro furniture sales season. 


The offers on the Furniture outlet products are subject to in-store availability, therefore precedence is given to those who reserve first.


*The gallery images are for promotional purposes. The products on offer may have different finishings or colors.

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