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For decades now, Sag'80 has been notable to its customers the point of reference around which its offer revolves: the bespoke furnishing services of the Milanese studio are not limited to addressing private individuals, but today embrace large projects and prestigious that aim to transform residences, hotels, commercial or work spaces, and much more.

The goal of the Contract division of Sag'80 is precisely to understand better the needs of customers, whether they are technical, functional or purely aesthetic, to give shape step by step to a "turnkey" project.

Thanks to a large team of professionals who precisely follow the projects at every stage, Sag'80 represents an excellent option for translating your furnishing ideas into reality by opting only for the best of Made in Italy.


Furniture for commercial spaces Milan

The Sag'80 showrooms distributed throughout the Milan area offer a real point of reference for all those who want to transform their home, office or other commercial spaces through design furniture, thanks to a personalized service which allows identifying the best options on the market according to your needs.

Hotels, yachts and residences are all environments in which the know-how of Sag'80 consultants can make the difference through the choice of furnishings coming only from the best of Made in Italy, brands that combine Italian tradition with cutting-edge technologies, to a result that is able to reconcile aesthetics and design quality.


Team of Interior and Architects to design Hotels and commercial spaces

The heart of the personalized service offered by Sag'80 is represented by the team of interior designers, planners and architects available to the Milanese studio – strengthened by years of experience spent collaborating with prestigious brands, constructors and design studios, these personalities are able to guide the customer towards the best solution, perfectly aligned on the needs communicated at the beginning of the process.

Hotels and commercial spaces of various types are just some of the environments that can be radically transformed thanks to the intervention of the Sag'80 professionals. For each request made by the customer, different solutions will be proposed, each of which will be illustrated in detail in order to better understand the reason for certain technical choices, without ever neglecting the overall vision of the project.

Only in this way the customers are assured that each piece of furniture will be truly functional to the idea intended to create, in order to be able to shape an environment that, in addition to being aesthetically pleasant, will be comfortable and easy for guests to live in everyday life.

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