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Furnishing a house does not mean thinking only of furnishing accessories, but also of a series of details which will then prove decisive in defining the style of an environment.

SAG'80 creates tailor-made projects that follow the client step by step, after having carefully listened to their needs. Part of this process is also the choice of furnishing accessories, objects of different types or sizes that can be precious by adding personality to a room, making it more welcoming or increasing the level of comfort.

The category of furnishing accessories includes various accessories, from plants to poufs, up to mirrors or lamps: for each of these objects it is important to understand the best location and the impact on the furnishings and the surrounding environment, so as to create an environment home with a coherent style and in line with your tastes.

The trends relating to the most appreciated furnishing accessories by clients change every year and from season to season: SAG'80 has been collaborating for years with the best designer furniture brands and in the showrooms you can find all the most trendy collections of autumn 2023.


What are the trends for autumn 2023

Furnishing accessories are fully included among those details capable of embellishing a home environment, modifying the style, adding a touch of personality or simply combining with existing furniture and objects.

It is for this reason that the most prestigious brands and designers also look more carefully at this category, trying to design elegant and functional objects, capable of striking the aesthetics of domestic environments but above all of making many small daily actions simpler and more comfortable.

The most popular furnishing accessories in autumn 2023 respond to wider trends that reflect client tastes. Today the public seems particularly interested in natural materials, from stone to wood, as well as warm colors such as brown and beige, highly popular for furnishing accessories.

But what are the most wanted objects in homes this autumn? 

With sustainability and green issues increasingly at the center of attention, clients do not give up on plants, used to add a personal touch to the environment, especially by those who love to feel a contact with nature, even within the walls of home.

Poufs are also among the most popular furnishing accessories thanks to their versatility, which allows them to be used depending on the occasion as seats or as footrests, but also as a storage solution when equipped with a storage compartment. Then in many cases, fine coverings transform these objects into real design pieces.

Lamps and lampshades, as well as mirrors, always remain extremely popular, especially if characterized by a clean design, with essential lines and shapes.

By visiting the SAG'80 showroom in via Boccaccio 4, Milan you will be able to rely on the experience of professionals in the sector to choose the ideal furnishing accessories to enhance each room in your home.

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