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At first, the simple and clean design that characterizes Foscarini lamps could cover up the complexity behind their creation.

Although many may be tempted to underestimate the importance of the lighting sector in a home, probably due to the easy and carefree gesture that leads us to turn lights off and on without realizing it, behind every product offered by the Venetian company there is a long and meticulous process that evaluates not only the design of the objects, but the way in which they fit into an environment.

Only in this way is it possible for Foscarini to create iconic lamps, designed to last over time thanks to the combination of tradition, quality and innovation.

It is from this philosophy that collections such as Twiggy, Le Soleil or Le Spokes are born, some of the most popular lamps in the Foscarini universe, which starting from the island of Murano has managed, in almost 35 years, to forge successful collaborations with the best international designers making this name known around the world.



The Twiggy lamp by Foscarini was born from the creative mind of Marc Sadler and faithfully represents the company's philosophy, showing how profound study exists behind an obviously minimal design.

In fact, Twiggy manages to combine aesthetics and technology, concepts that reflect the two main indicators of this collection, namely the large diffuser supported by a thin arched line, giving the lamp an idea of extreme lightness.

As simple as it is original, Twiggy lends itself to furnishing a wide range of different spaces within the home.



Le Soleil, ovvero “il sole”. È da questo concetto, esplorato per Foscarini dal designer Vicente Garcia Jimenez, che nasce un’altra delle lampade più ricercate tra quelle prodotte dall’azienda. 

Le Soleil, or "the sun". It is from this concept, explored for Foscarini by the designer Vicente Garcia Jimenez, that it is another of the most wanted lamps among those produced by the company.

The presence of various irregular bands that wrap around the lamp helps to generate intriguing plays of reflected and diffused light, making Le Soleil a real point of reference in the environment in which it is placed, precisely to recall the role of the most important star.



There is all the imagination and desire to experiment with the Garcia Cumini studio behind the design that characterizes the Le Spokes lamp collection by Foscarini.

In this case, the designers manage to convey a fascinating sensation of movement and lightness through a light enclosed in a grid composed of very thin lines, which however are sufficient to create a great scenic effect thanks to the kaleidoscope of full and empty spaces generated by the same light that filters from inside the structure.

Depending on your preferences, Le Spokes is available in two versions, respectively equipped with an elongated or more "convex" shape similar to that of a lantern.

To fully understand the quality of Foscarini, and see with your own eyes how the company has managed to revolutionize the way of making light, just come to our showroom in via Boccaccio 4, Milan and be guided by the expertise of our designers.

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