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The renovation of homes, as well as offices or commercial spaces, involves a series of delicate phases that require careful evaluation: for example, it is essential to ensure that the design and styles chosen to furnish the different environments are consistent with each other, so as to give a sense of harmony and unity that can be felt when living in domestic spaces.

For over 50 years, SAG'80 has been developing tailor-made projects that faithfully respect the customer's needs and relies on the best design furniture brands to seek the ideal solutions in order to renovate homes with consistency from an aesthetic point of view.

In this way, movement between separate environments is encouraged which, apart from walls or corridors, seem to dialogue to each other thanks precisely to those furnishing choices that guarantee continuity from one room to another.


Furnishing ideas for a design that suits various rooms

A furnishing project that has as its goal the search for a consistent design between the different rooms of an apartment must first of all start from an overall vision, which takes into consideration the characteristics of the spaces to handle.

A first step could be to define a furnishing style to be respected in all environments, choosing furniture and accessories in order to create that sense of continuity helps to convey a feeling of well-being, especially to those who experience the home environment daily.

However, there are many ideas to consider for furnishing a home in a consistent way from an aesthetic point of view: for example, you can opt for similar, even if not identical, colors and materials. Different types of wood can be used to create a rustic style, while the shades of the walls can also be chosen based on the degree of natural light that the various rooms receive through the windows.

Searching for a coherent design, however, does not mean being limited from a furnishing point of view: creativity remains an important aspect, perhaps testing with different materials but able to combine harmoniously, so as to create a more original style that reflects personal tastes.


Our interior design creations

The projects realized by SAG'80 have as the starting point the needs communicated by the client, a fundamental guideline for then searching for the most suitable solutions by selecting only the best of Made in Italy and international design.

The furnishing choices of the SAG'80 team of professionals have the aim of shaping environments capable of dialogue to each other and in line with the general style of the apartment: the renovation carried out in a charming house a stone's from the sea, in the Ligurian village of Laigueglia, aimed for example at creating a leisure style, with spaces characterized by lots of brightness.

From the Aprile kitchen by Boffi, which has the color white as the protagonist, up to the Gliss Master walk-in wardrobe by Molteni with bronzed smoked glass doors, all the choices made were aimed at respecting the client's indications, without however giving up creative licenses such as the most marine style chosen to furnish a child's room.

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