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If planning is considered the cornerstone of Interior Design, given the need to take care of the restructuring of an environment first of all from an overall point of view, the figure of the interior decorator is equally fundamental for carrying out those interventions capable of deforming the style of a room or an entire house, often apply to creativity.

Starting from the needs of the client, the interior decorator sets the goal of improving an environment both from an aesthetic and a functional point of view. There are many ways in which it can intervene, from the covering and painting of walls or floors, to the movement of various furnishing elements in order to make the most of their characteristics.

The interior decorators are naturally among the roles present in the team of SAG'80, available to the clients to realize fully customized projects thanks to the technical skills and experience of the professionals of this Milanese studio.


The art of creativity in interior design

The enormous universe of Interior Design offers various solutions to transform living spaces. If for some of these it is necessary to make structural changes, therefore more invasive, the interior decorator often needs technical skills and creativity to profoundly modify an environment from the style point of view.

Without necessarily purchasing new furniture, after having listened to and understood the client's needs, the decorator starts first of all from the elements already present, for example suggesting the flow of furniture, paintings or mirrors, finding them a more suitable location.

Concentrating mainly on the aesthetic aspect, the interior decorator also pays particular attention to the color combinations present in an environment, and can therefore suggest repainting the walls or applying imaginative and decorative wallpapers to give a new tone to a room, obviously without neglecting harmony with the surrounding decor.

Experience and a good eye can make the difference for a decorator, helping one to understand for example which spaces need more (or less) lighting and which textile elements, such as carpets or curtains, best match the style of the environment.


The experience of an interior decorator who transforms environments

Replying on SAG'80 means being able to trust the advice of various professionals, including interior decorators, with a long experience behind of carrying out projects designed on client needs.

The realizations that SAG'80 has carried out over the years and in different contexts always prove to be able to transform environments with elegance and creativity, opting for the best of Made in Italy.

An example of this is the Milanese residence renovated in collaboration with Dome Milano Studio, characterized by strong colors chosen in harmony with the intense color palette of an alfresco present in the home and by solutions such as deco wallpaper or a fabric sofa, but also the suggestive seaside house, in the heart of the Ligurian town of Laigueglia, where a decorative element such as a fireplace recovered from a Parisian house has been made the protagonist of the living room.

These are just a few examples useful for understanding how SAG'80 interior decorators, as well as the other professionals involved in the Milanese studio's projects, can help you transform your home and office with style and creativity.

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