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Dada, high-end contemporary kitchens

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Dada kitchens, when the minimalism of design meets precious and avant-garde solutions


An artisanal company symbol of Made in Italy founded in 1926, near Magenta, in Milan, which is transformed into an international giant, an icon of high-end kitchens.
It is part of the history of Dada, the brand that has been part of the Molteni group since 1979, specializing in design kitchens that have reinvented spaces and living in the name of minimalism, combining avant-garde solutions with functional and refined aesthetics. In the beginning the company, which was mostly family management, was called "Angelo Garavaglia and sons'', then in 1972 the new brand was created and collaborations were born at the same time, with internationally renowned architects and designers such as Angelo Cortesi, Georges Coslin, and Giovanni Offedi. With the most innovative graphic designers including Italo Lupi and Amilcare Ponchielli and with some of the most famous interior photographers of the time such as Gabriele Basilico, Aldo Ballo and Vittoria Mussolini. From this image revolution, the product begins to take shape which, with the entry into Molteni&C. become the design icon in high-end kitchens we know today, appreciated all over the world.
Many designers who have made the history of Dada kitchens through collaborations: Michele De Lucchi, Norman Foster, Ferruccio Laviani, Dante Bonuccelli, Studio Cerri & Associati, Luca Meda who has changed the stylistic figure of the company since the Eighties, creating a futuristic kitchen for those times, Banco. Since 2016 at the creative guide of Dada and Molteni&C. there is the Belgian architect and designer Vincent Van Duysen who thinks of furniture and accessories in an architectural perspective that is not limited to form but is expressed in a careful perception of the interior space and its relationship with the external architecture. In this way, Van Duysen creates objects of great purity and essentiality that retain a character of concreteness and solid formal foundations.


Banco, Luca Meda's revolutionary kitchen with an essential and functional aesthetic

A suspended kitchen. Something unthinkable before 1994, the year in which Banco was born from the sketches of Luca Meda, a kitchen that interprets contemporary aesthetics and is still very current today. In essence, it is a large, completely independent, equipped table where the cooking systems, the sink and other accessories for food preparation are concentrated, just like the workstations of great chefs. The aluminum structure is self-supporting, and supports the suspended containers, with an internal matt lacquered finish, for an overall effect of elegance, rigor and rationality. The top has a minimum thickness and rests in the aluminum structure, hiding its massive core.


Prime, customizable kitchen with groove opening

Aesthetically defined by doors with groove opening, Prime by Dada allows you to interpret the kitchen with creativity thanks to countless compositional variations. The groove runs through the product without interruptions and ends on the reported sides, an alternative solution to the finished sides to leave maximum freedom of customization. The doors, in wood in the variety of ranges, lacquered or even in glass in bronze and smoky finishes for Flair wall units and tall units, are shaped at the top at 45° to make opening easier and more ergonomic. The island element is available with Billiemi stone cladding. To complete the configuration, the new Wing system with aluminum shelves and the snack with titan aluminum and pewter structure and top in the new dark walnut essence, accompanied by the Woody stools by Francesco Meda for Molteni&C.


Optimization of space, technology and practicality for Trim and Tivalì, the kitchens designed by Dante Bonuccelli

"The ideal design comes from a new concept, it is functional, it is attention to detail, it has harmonious shapes and becomes timeless". This is the idea behind the thought of Dante Bonuccelli, architect and designer from Buenos Aires , consultant of Dada, who has designed two revolutionary kitchens, Trim and Tivalì.
The first is an articulated system of modular components for the kitchen environment, which allows the development of innovative solutions on a formal, technological and typological level. A complete, flexible and versatile program, made up of differentiated functional elements through which it is possible to customize each design intervention, adapting it to specific needs. Operating blocks, containers, wall units, shelves and accessory equipment are reinterpreted to allow maximum modularity and support the rational organization of living spaces, integrating the kitchen with the living room and the rest of the house. Conceived as real architectural structures that design the contemporary domestic landscape, the numerous versions of the Trim kitchen can be positioned on the wall, in the center of the room, facing each other, passing through, in the various configurations with in-line, corner, double-facing, island or peninsula.|
Tivalì, on the other hand, develops an original typological concept with style and measure, reinterpreting the functional theme of the operating unit. The result is a container with doors completely closed and finished with care, to be placed on a wall or in the center of the room. Opening it is a surprise: inside, fully functional, there is a miniaturized kitchen divided into two areas: the cooking and the pantry, to be completed with the separate refrigerator column. All made with refined technical details and efficient equipment meticulously studied to optimize space.


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