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Black Friday Deals 2020


Craving design? Take advantage of Black Friday discounts and bring home the best of Italian design. Sag’80 is offering a wide array of deals on Italian furniture for Black Friday 2020. Whether you are thinking of changing up your home’s style and personality or you want to get a head start on your Christmas shopping, this is the perfect opportunity. 

At Sag’80 in Milan, an abundant selection of furniture and accessories from the best designer brands is waiting for you at a discounted price during these nine days of Black Friday promotions. Black Friday is a yearly event created in the United States in the 1960s and has recently taken off in Italy as well. It falls on the day after Thanksgiving and traditionally marks the start of the holiday shopping season. Visit our stores to browse all the furniture and home accessories offered at exceptional prices during our Black Friday furniture deals 2020. The Italian furniture Black Friday 2020 promotions will be valid for six days, from 23rd to 28th of November 2020 How does it work? The sooner you place your deposit on the item, the sooner it’s yours! 

You can find the following products on sale:


Olimpia chairs - Arclinea Chairs | 50% discount 

At a price you can’t miss, four chairs from the Olimpia collection. Back and seat are in elegant fumed oak with Inox steel legs. 


Retail price: 689 euro each
Sale price: euro 345.00 each  
Dimensions: 52 cm x h 70 cm  | depth 56 cm

Island kitchen Convivium – Arclinea Kitchen | 50% discount

The name says it all for this cult classic kitchen characterized by open, organized spaces that are ideal for interacting with guests. The island, designed by Antonio Citterio, is proposed here with doors, drawers, and hood in inox steel, sink and five-burner cooktop from Foster. Completing the kitchen is the Up-Down in fumed oak.

Kitchen composition: island + snack counter


Retail price: euro 41,500
Sale price euro 20,750 
Dimensions: 400 cm x h 90 cm | depth 91 cm  


Febo lounge chairs - Maxalto chairs | 50% discount

In stock, 4 comfortable and elegant chairs from the Febo collection from Maxalto designed by Antonio Citterio. Proposed here in the armless version. The hardwood legs are upholstered in Samara green velvet with matching color stitching.


Retail price: 1,144 euro each
Sale price: euro 572.00 each 
Dimensions: 50.5 cm x h 41/73 cm  | depth 55 cm
Where to find it:  Via Boccaccio 4 at Dome Milano Studio  


Gliss master with hinged doors - Molteni wardrobe | 40% discount - SOLD

This wardrobe features a dark brown Larix interior with hinged doors lacquered in silicon plaster, pewter handles, and a sensor-activated illuminating bar. 

Retail price: 7,137.00 euro
Sale price 4,282.00 euro 
Dimensions: 298.2 cm x h.263.1 cm.| depth 62.3 cm
Where to find it: Via Giovanni Boccaccio, 4 at Sag'80  


505 bookcase - Molteni&C Bookcase | 50% discount 

505 bookcase, designed by Nicola Galizia for Molteni&C. with an opaque, mocha-colored lacquered structure. This modular storage system is available in the version with 12 dark brown synthetic leather partitions. The back panel, tv compartment, central segment, and top are all in eucalyptus wood with a pewter borer. 

Retail price: 14,755.00 euro
Sale price:  7,377.00 euro 
Dimensions: 387 cm x h296 cm | depth 40 cm
Where to find it: Via Giovanni Boccaccio, 4 at Sag'80  


Storage wardrobe, open front - Porro Wardrobe | 40% discount

STORAGE wardrobe from Porro is an open-front storage solution. This wardrobe features a structure and drawers in mongoi, back panels in padded red fabric, and glass shelves with built-in sensor-activated LED lights

Retail price: 15,660.00 euro
Sale price: 9,396.00 euro 
Dimensions: 600 cm x h 260 cm | depth 59 cm
Where to find it: Via San Marco 1 at Dilmos


Storage wardrobe, glass doors - Porro Wardrobe | 40% discount

From the Porro collections, we have the Storage wardrobe, available here in the elegant glass-door version. This wardrobe features a structure and drawers in mongoi, back panels in padded red fabric, and glass shelves with built-in sensor-activated LED lights

Retail price:17,950.00 euro
Sale price: 10,770.00 euro 
Dimensions: 400 cm x h 244 cm | depth 63.3 cm  
Where to find it: Via San Marco 1 at Dilmos


Boutique Mast system by Porro | 45% discount - SOLD

Mast Boutique designed by Piero Lissoni is a modular storage system. The available version is composed of a floor-to-ceiling structure with circular-section metal rods in burnished brass. It also includes a compartment in pinewood and elegant shelves in black hemlock. 

Retail price: 5,320.00 euro
Sale price: 2,926.00 euro 
Dimensions: 261 cm x h 270 cm | depth 60 cm 


LT Kitchen by Boffi | 55% discount

An angular, continuous linear system with a discrete and compact appearance even with the addition of the mounted wall units. The cooktop is flush with the inox top, while the handles are recessed into the graphite oak doors.  

Discounted price 17,064 euro
Dimensions: 312 cm x 312 cm depth 70 cm


Besides kitchens, among the collections available from Sag'80 you can also find bookshelves and systems such as:

CT Line versatile furnishing addition fit for both the living room and the bathroom. It is made of six elements in black paper stone. - SOLD

Discounted price 2100 VAT included
Dimensions: 1 version A 36  cm x h 125 cm depth 25.8 cm
1 version B 40.9 cm x h. 126 cm depth 30.7 cm 
2 version C 45.9 cm x h. 126 cm  depth 35.6 cm
1 version D 36 cm x h. 168 cm  depth 25.8 cm
1 version E 40.9 cm x h. 168 cm depth  30.7 cm


Brompton the shelving system designed by Piero Lissoni in decomat black varnished metal with lighted ledges and columns. - SOLD

Discounted price 5,200 euro
Dimensions: 365 cm x  244 cm depth 55 cm


Michel club sofa - sofas | 50% discount 

Michel club is a seating system. Offered here is the right side chaise longue in an elegant dove-gray leather version. The seat is equipped with a matching cushion and a comfortable band armrest, all with a dove-gray leather finish.

Dimensions: 228cm x 104cm  
Discounted price including VAT: 5,898 euros 


Mirto pouf - pouf | 40% discount - SOLD

Mirto is a pouf composed of a varnished pewter structure and a light gray-blue colored Sapri fabric upholstery.  

Dimensions: 55cm x 47cm depth 47cm
Discounted price including VAT: 720 euros 


Formiche coffee table - Coffee tables | 30% discount - SOLD

Formiche is a 2017 project designed by Piero Lissoni. The coffee table features a pewter base and a titanium top.

Dimensions: Diam. 67cm x h. 43.5cm  
Discounted price including VAT: 1,100 euros 


Convivium sideboard - Storage | 50% discount

Convivium is a storage unit made up of a gray oak structure and an orange leather finish. It is equipped with an internal sensor-activated lighting system complete with shelves, drawers, and sliding retractable doors.

Dimensions: 183cm x 190.5cm depth 63cm
Discounted price including VAT: 12,135 euros


Alex table - Tables | 50% discount 

Alex is a table with a satin black structure and top in frisè eucalyptus with a polished finish. 

Dimensions: 160cm x 160cm x h. 74cm
Discounted price including VAT: 3,288 euro


Hi-Line 6 frame door kitchen - Dada Kitchen | 45% discount

Island kitchen Hi-Line 6 Frame Door with a snack counter in light hardwood oak and pewter base. The top and built-in sink are in Inalco Jasper Moka ceramic. 
The Frame Door cabinet doors are available here in exquisite eucalyptus wood. This finish is also available for the operating columns and open columns. Lastly, the doors of the columns are in Arizona beige FENIX.
Kitchen composition: island + snack counter, retractable Tivalì operating columns, open columns
Kitchen Appliances / Accessories: KWC faucet, VZUG induction cooktop, VZUG oven and steam oven, SUB ZERO refrigerator and freezer, VZUG dishwasher 

Retail price: 128,466.00
Sale price euro 70,368.00 
Dimensions of island and snack counter: 362 cm x h 91 cm | depth 98 cm
Dimensions of operating columns: 409 cm x h 329 cm 
Dimensions of open columns: 250 cm x h 312 cm 
Where to find it: Corso Europa, 2 at Molteni&C | Dada  


But Black Friday deals don’t stop here.

Not only can you find an exceptional selection of Black Friday Italian items, but you can also find many other great products in our stores. Come and browse all the products on sale and find timeless furnishings that are worth investing in. Furniture from the best brands, kitchens and wardrobes, Black Friday 2020 is waiting for you from 23rd to 28th of November 2020 with incredible discounts on the best of Italian designer furniture. 
Exploit Black Friday wardrobe deals from Sag'80! 
The offers on the products described above are subject to in-store availability, therefore precedence is given to those who reserve first.

*The gallery images are for promotional purposes only, the products on sale may have different finishes or colors.



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