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Promo Black Friday 2021


It is true, all companies do Black Friday, but are you sure that everyone does it with iconic brands of Italian design? We have selected unique pieces for every room in your home, at as many unique prices. Kitchens, sofas, tables, chairs. A selection of furniture and furnishing accessories that you can purchase from today until Sunday 28 November.

Be ahead of Christmas with our Black Friday. Give a gift or give yourself a gift. There are many proposals, you will certainly find the right one for you. Come and discover the products on offer also in our showrooms.

Hurry up, because the requests are many and also unique pieces, do not miss this unique opportunity!


B&B ITALIA Small table - Colosseo | Discount 30%

At an unmissable price, a glossy lacquered B&B table


Discounted price euro 694 VAT included
Dimensions: 40 x h 45


B&B ITALIA Table - Alex | Discount 50%

With satin painted structure


Discounted price euro 3,539 euro VAT included 
Dimensions: 160 x 160 x h73


B&B ITALIA Chair - JENS | Discount 50%

Oak structure with saddle leather seat and back. 


Discounted price euro 712 VAT included
Dimensions: 51 x 54 x h78


B&B ITALIA Chais Longue - Michel Club | Discount 50%

Elegant chaise longue with dove-gray leather upholstery


Discounted price euro 6,018 VAT included
Dimensions: 228 x 104 x h65


Boffi Kitchen LT - Angular | Discount 55%

A linear and continuous corner system that fits in as a discreet and compact presence even with the combination of wall units. The hob is flush with the stainless steel top, while all the handles are integrated into the thickness of the graphite oak doors.


Discounted price euro 17,064 VAT included
Dimensions: 312 cm x 312 cm | depth 70 cm


Cassina - Sofa Dress Up | Discount 30%

At an unmissable price Cassina sofa in dark green velvet. 


Discounted price euro 8,869 VAT included
Dimensions: 300 cm x 98 x 165


Minotti - Small Table Cesar | Discount 40%

Cesar, a small table with a unique glossy lacquered design.


Discounted price euro 402 VAT included
Dimensions: diameter 36 cm x h 45


Minotti - Small Table Bender | Discount 40%

Bender, a small table with bronzed glass top and satin base painted in light bronze and corten.


Discounted price euro 2,503 VAT included
Dimensions: 120 cm x h 28


Minotti - Armchair Jacques High | Discount 40%

Armchair with swivel base and leather upholstery.


Discounted price euro 2,843 VAT included
Dimensions: 78 cm x 86cm x h78


Minotti - Small Table Noor | Discount 40%

Ceramic small table.


Discounted price euro 1,370 VAT included
Dimensions: 41cm x 6 x h 45


Armchair SAG '80 | Discount 60%

Classic velvet armchair. 


Discounted price euro 1,196 VAT included
Dimensions: 79cm x 90cm x h 45cm


Bond Table SAG ‘80 | Discount 30%

Bond table with black marble bases and wood TOP.


Discounted price euro 2,660 VAT included
Dimensions:  diameter 110cm x h 74cm


Molteni & C Wardrobe Gliss master Coplanar | Discount 50% 

The wardrobe proposal by Molteni & C is a matte lacquered wardrobe with internal light sensors and upper LED lighting bars.


Discounted price euro 3,372 VAT included
Dimensions: 266 cm x63 x h.263


Molteni &C Bookcase system 505 | Discount 60% 

505 bookcase by Molteni & C is a bookcase proposal with matte lacquered structure and retro essence backrest.


Discounted price euro 6,835 VAT included
Dimensions: 377 cm x 40 x h.296


Open wardrobe Storage - Wardrobe Porro | Discount 50%

The proposal is a STORAGE wardrobe by Porro, an open solution, equipped with a structure and drawers in mongoi. The interiors are characterized by a padded backrest in red fabric and glass shelves with incorporated sensor LEDs.


Discounted price euro 7,830 VAT included
Dimensions: 603 cm x h 260 cm | depth 59 cm


Storage wardrobe with glass doors - Wardrobes Porro | Discount 50% 

From the Porro collections we offer the Storage wardrobe available here in the elegant version with glass doors. The wardrobe consists of a structure and drawers in mongoi, with a padded back in red fabric and glass shelves with built-in sensor LEDs.


Discounted price euro 8,975 VAT included
Dimensions: 403 cm x h 244 cm | depth 59 cm


Arclinea Kitchen - Convivium | Discount 50%

Manifest name and cult destiny for this kitchen characterized by open and organized spaces, ideal for interacting with guests. The island here is proposed with doors, drawers and hood in stainless steel, sink and 5-burner hob. The composition is completed by the smoked oak table.


Discounted price euro 20,750 VAT included
Dimensions: 400 cm x h 90 cm depth 91 cm


B&B ITALIA - Sofa naviglio | Discount 50%

Naviglio sofa with fabric upholstery.


Discounted price euro 3,911 VAT included
Dimensions: 277cm x 188 cm


B&B ITALIA - Small Table naviglio | Discount 50%

Coffee table in glass and painted structure with marble base.


Discounted price euro 856 VAT included
Dimensions: 40 cm x 24cm x H 45


B&B ITALIA - Small Table FAT | Discount 50%

Coffee table with white painted top and structure. 


Dimensions: diameter. 92 cm x h 39
Discounted price euro 463 VAT included
Dimensions: diameter. 42 cm x h 26
Discounted price euro 259 VAT included
Dimensions: diameter. 62 cm x h 32
Discounted price euro 317 VAT included


B&B ITALIA - Lazy armchair | Discount 50%

Armchair with chromed structure and fabric.

Discounted price euro 317 VAT included
Dimensions: diameter. 62 cm x h 32


*The gallery images are for promotional purposes only, the products on sale may have different finishes or colors.

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