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The strength of Sag'80 lies first and foremost in the service provided to the client, which aims to create projects exactly as imagined. For this reason it relies on a team made up of expert planners, interior designers and architects able to accompany clients in every single phase of project development, from product selection to after-sales assistance.

This is a fundamental service to be able to better interpret the client’'s needs, for example by using the available spaces in the best possible way.

Over the years, Sag'80 has started collaborations with prestigious individuals  in the world of design furniture, among which important interior architects stand out, such as Jean-Louis Deniot, Frank Lloyd and Marcel Wanders.



In the heart of Manhattan, the most populated and well-known district of New York, the Parisian and guru of décor Jean-Louis Deniot has become the protagonist of a restyling project of a townhouse situated in a four-floor building, with a facade of era dating back to 1899.

If the exterior therefore deserves only to be preserved and admired, Deniot has dedicated himself to the interiors, which have been revolutionized thanks to his sartorial touch and his interpretation of the needs of the large family who live in this house.

The chicest touch that has always characterized the French architect thus joins the need for comfort required by the context, to convey elegance but also tranquility and warmth in a space of about 800 square meters and 20 rooms.

These needs have resulted in decorations that compensate for the lack of light, in a sequence of French-style rooms that has led to the elimination of various corridors and in furnishing solutions such as large bespoke sofas, a table by Eero Saarinen that dialogues with an iconic Louis XV chandelier, or even a particular canopy bed designed by Deniot himself to recall the world of childhood and dreams.



The perfect symbol of the search, not always easy, for harmony between human and nature, the House on the waterfall, or Fallingwater, is a project carried out in Pennsylvania by the architect Frank Lloyd Wright between 1936 and 1939.

The house is located right on the waterfall on the Bear Run stream and tries to bring together artificial elements inserted in a natural environment, acting as a manifesto of so-called organic architecture.

There were many doubts about the possibilities of building this house, so much so that over the years there were structural problems which led to renovation works in 1996, necessary to avoid the collapse of the structure.

Nonetheless, Wright has been able to create a project capable of promoting the fusion between the domestic environment and the surrounding nature: floors and walls are in fact made with the same stone as the exterior, and there are also terraces and other opening points of the house which look right onto the stream.

Today the House on the waterfall is a museum available to tourists, to be able to admire a unique architectural project which, with great foresight, already aimed almost a century ago to create a close link between the domestic environment and the surrounding landscape.



Among the interior design projects that have made school over the years, that of Marcel Wanders also stands out, who renovated the interiors of the Andaz Hotel in Amsterdam, located in a privileged position between two canals in the center of the Dutch capital.

If the facade is the only preserved element of the original residence, the interiors have been revolutionized and are today the result of a modern reinterpretation of Dutch history: the dreamlike atmosphere in which the hotel's travelers are enveloped recalls several iconic elements of the tradition national, from tulips to the golden age, passing through the pottery of Delft.

Finally, the presence of books recalls the past of the building, which once served as the public library of Amsterdam.

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