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B&B Italia Sofas

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B&b Italia Michel sofa black leather ambience living room

Creativity, innovation, and modern design: Here are B&B Italia sofa collection



When you choose a sofa, the variables and parameters you should take into account are manifold: from comfort to the type of upholstery, from the aesthetics to the dimensions, from the more or less modular form to the structure. If you are looking for sofas characterized by elegance, contemporary design, and an authentic "made in Italy" style, B&B Italia sofas can satisfy your every need.

B&B Italia is an Italian company that was born out of the idea of representing a contemporary way of life and responding to the needs of everyday living. The constant research, technological and aesthetic improvements, the quality of the materials, and the desire to keep up with the times distinguish the company's work and cause it to identify as an authentic Italian design workshop.

An example of B&B Italia's innovation and creativity can be found in Diesis 40, a sofa by Antonio Citterio that turns 40 in 2019 and that B&B Italia Sofas is reissuing in a more contemporary key. It is a classic-style sofa but at the same time has been totally updated starting from the reinforcement stitching, the different leather upholstery for the cushions, and the new softer and more comfortable padding. However, the product's strength is in its unique character: the slender and elegant metal structure, in contrast with the softness of the cushions, gives it a classic and majestic style

Another sofa that was launched in 2019 is the new Dock system by Piero Lissoni, which is an extremely flexible piece of furniture and adaptable to any domestic space. It is made up of 84 elements, which when combined in different ways, can create several sofa solutions. The shape of this sofa is based on a platform that extends horizontally. Different sized back cushions, extra service elements, and padded armrests allow you infinite possibilities to build and use the system. Dock can become a chaise longue with or without backrest; it can be a sofa to be placed in the center of the room; or, thanks to a more classic composition, it can become a corner and linear sofa. Finally, if you are looking for new colors and materials for your sofa, Dock, in addition to classic leather upholstery, can now be covered in a striking new array of fabric upholstery. 

B&B Atoll, with its minimal shapes and slender yet decisive support structure, is the exact expression of a contemporary style and careful attention to detail. The different shapes of the cushions, from the more traditional rolls to the modular and more modern upholstered items, give the sofa certain flexibility that allows it to be used in various formal and informal situations.

Piero Lissoni has reinvented the idea of the suspended platform with the SAKé sofa, a project with a strong contemporary flavor evidenced by the seating system's light metal support structure available in different sizes and customizable according to the available space. A comfortable chaise longue further enhances the system. The sofa can also transform into a single bed, the only one in the B&B sofa collection, by simply shifting the seat and tilting the backrest.

The Édouard family of upholstered furniture comprises a series of seating elements that can be combined to give shape to different solutions, such as simple corner and linear sofas or chaise longues. The fact that it is possible to play around and customize the seating compositions makes Édouard extremely flexible. These sofas were also designed expressly to obtain maximum comfort, thanks to the large seats and the high backrests, which can also be fitted with a headrest.

Richard is a sofa with a more traditional taste and is more suited to classic ambiences. This system is composed of different types of elements, of different sizes and shapes, which when combined create infinite possibilities for sofas, adaptable to any style and function of living space. From a structural point of view, the sofa is made up of a base that extends to the floor and is covered with the same material used for the cushions and upholstery.

Linear, rational, and with a more traditional design, the Michel Club is a sofa with comfortable cushions and large seats that can allow for different configurations of use, from formal to lively ones. Compared to Michel Effe, which features more rigorous and slender forms, the Club version of B&B sofas has a broader base. Michel Effe, on the other hand, appears as a more straightforward and simplified sofa, with a pure, minimalist flavor

In 2015, Patricia Urquiola redesigned Tufty-Time '15 for B&B Italia Sofas, whose reimagined upholstery is divided into large squares connected by a bottom fold and gives the sofa an undoubtedly contemporary character.  With well-defined shapes and a marked, modular structure, this sofa can guarantee comfort for its users and elegance to the space where it is positioned.

B&B Italia products are numerous, and the creative intuition of the designers allows the company to present different solutions that are always characterized by excellent refinement and originality.

If you want to know more about the B&B Sofas collections and experience their exceptional quality firsthand, visit our Sag80 showroom in Milan. With us, you also have the opportunity to consult with our professional interior designers, who will follow you step by step in choosing the sofa that best suits your needs and in line with your preferences.


Diesis sofa 40 from B&B Italia with black leather upholstery and dark metal structure
Dock system from B&B Italia sofas. Light fabric upholstery, oakwood platform, and metal support stru
Atoll sofas B&B Italia.upholstery, leather fabric, pewter chrome finishes support straps leather
Corner composition of B&B Italia sofas, SAKé model. Light fabric upholstery and metal structure
Eduard sofa by B&B Italia. Formation of elements to form a corner sofa with gray fabric upholstery a
Richard system of B&B Italia sofas:modules create multiple types of sofa, linear, corner
Michel Club corner sofa by B&B Italia. Large seats with gray fabric upholstery
B&B Italia sofas Michel Effe Simple minimal sofa light fabric upholstery lightness slender dark
Tufty Time '15 sofa by B&B Italia. Composed of three modules, gray orange, chaise longue

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