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Artemide, design lighting since 1960

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Artemide lighting

Artemide, an icon of design lighting since 1960

Putting light at the service of humans and their needs. This is the motto that, in 1996, appeared in the manifesto of Artemide, an international company specialized in lighting design, founded in 1960 by Ernesto Gismondi and Sergio Mazza. Technological research, dialogue with great designers but also research in the socio-cultural field have been, since the beginning of Artemide's career, at the basis of innovative projects capable even over time of illuminating the future with the same force and endurance without ever being out of fashion.

Think of the iconic design lamps of the 60s, with rounded and gentle shapes, nowadays perfect in environments with minimalist and contemporary interior design. Today the collections of the Milanese company represent a unique intersection of values: the approach to humanistic and responsible light is combined with a design and material know-how, in a match between the latest generation of technology and ancient knowledge, a perfect synthesis expression of the current sustainable project. Having an Artemide lamp at home means owning internationally recognized icons of contemporary design, exhibited in the major museums of modern art and design collections in the world. In short, it means giving character and identity to an environment, creating an atmosphere through light, designed specifically to enhance every corner of the house.

The Eclisse and the Dalù by Vico Magistretti, style and shapes of the 60s that are always up to date 

The talent and creativity of Vico Magistretti, one of the fathers of interior design, is closely connected to that of Artemide and of design lighting. There are some of his creations that have changed the history of design lamps in the last 40 years, giving a design object a new role in the home, active, functional and at the same time innovative and aesthetically beautiful. Two of his masterpieces for Artemide have become icons of innovation and light design, and both are table lamps, capable of a soft light that creates atmosphere. The first is the famous Eclisse which, in 1967, earned him the famous "Compasso d’oro". It is one of the most important industrial design products of the twentieth century, which has become one of the symbols of Italian design in the world, so much so that it is part of the permanent collection of the Milan Triennale and the MoMA in New York. It is said that Magistretti, in 1965, while on the Milanese underground, was thinking of Jean Valjean's lantern, described in Victor Hugo's novel, “The Miserables”, in New York. In fact his first idea was to create a lamp by combining a couple of spheres, and so he sketched on the back of the ticket so as not to forget his new design concept.

This is how this iconic lamp was born, which took inspiration from the astronomical phenomenon from which its name derives, and is reflected in Magistretti's project. In fact, it allows those who use it to obscure the light source at will, by overlaying a full round body on it and then to adjust the luminous flow; if the light source is completely covered, only the external glow remains, which resembles a total eclipse. This is a very functional feature, as it can be used as a source of direct or diffused light, depending on the use of it. Another design lamp created by Vico Magistretti for Artemide is the Dalú, with sinuous but essential lines and different colors beyond the usual black and white, an evergreen that has just turned 50 and does not seem like it at all. The new editions of this design piece with bright, vitaminic colors, telling our time with original and fluid shapes. The lamp is composed of a molded thermoplastic material shell for emission of direct light without dazzling. Working wisely on the modeling of the shape, Magistretti has obtained a single piece in molded abs that acts as both a support base and a hemispherical cap containing the bulb. Eclisse and Dalù are able to embellish even the most minimal interiors thanks to their soft, modern and timeless lines, demonstrating that investing in timeless pieces for your home is a winning move to give character, luxury, and exclusivity to your own mansion.

Boalum, have a bright snake on the bedside table 

"A snake of infinite light". This is how Domus magazine defined the Boalum lamp, designed in 1970 by Livio Castiglioni and Gianfranco Frattini and immediately entered the history of Italian and world design, because it was experimental both from a formal and technological point of view.

It is in fact a flexible lighting source, which can be arranged in various configurations to create wonderful sculptural effects; its structure in translucent flexible PVC, reinforced and with resin terminals, makes it practically indestructible.

The characteristic of this lamp is that each section can be grafted and connected to another, reaching up to eight meters length. The Boalum lamp perfectly embodies the pop sensibility of design, which challenged the conventional types of products, effectively opening the way to a new generation of irreverent and full of life household objects, precisely because it was born in the years of the most extreme experimentalism. In fact, it was not just a bedside lamp, it can find a place on the walls but also in the more informal environments of a typical house of the Sixties, where, a little for rebellion, a little for non-conformism, we do not sit down, but rather lie down with friends, and the furniture are like 'living' objects, interchangeable and adaptable to alternative social situations. So it was the ideal lighting product for these new soft, inflatable, stackable, foldable and even fluid pieces of furniture. Today, when nothing is left to chance in lighting design, Boalum takes on a new, less anti-conventional role. It is an icon of international design chosen to illuminate in a widespread way and, at the same time, to decorate an environment by giving it some of its original, irreverent and refined character.



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Boalum Artemide
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