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Antonio Lupi, revolutionary bathrooms

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Antonio Lupi

The bathrooms by Antonio Lupi : Design between luxury and illusion


Craftsmanship at the service of innovation and creativity. This is the story of Antonio Lupi Design S.p.A. which begins in the 1950s, when the craftsman specialized in the processing of crystal and glass for furniture, Antonio Lupi, created a small company. Within a few years, its production expanded with mirrors, appliques and chandeliers to then arrive at bathroom furniture, marketed under the name Cristal Lupi Luxor.

The success obtained from the sale of crystal accessories makes it necessary to expand the company, which takes the form of the construction of a new factory in 1969. It is with this step that Antonio Lupi, handed by his son Andrea, develops the idea of the so-called "total look" for bathroom furniture, presenting for the first time at Cersaie in 1983 a collection of bathroom systems that will achieve enormous success, because it is revolutionary and already highly refined in terms of materials and shapes.

A turning point, that, which marked the rise of the brand. In the 90s the company was ready for the big leap and presented its first collection of ceramic washbasins. In 2002 the first revolutionary idea arrived with the presentation of the first collection in Corian®.

Today the company, run by the founder's heirs - Nello, Patrizia, Andrea and Sergio - is a dynamic and innovative company, projected towards the future, able to anticipate the tastes of the market, with a long-term vision that has as its final goal to revolutionize the way of living the bathroom.


Intreccio, a marble flower with a light soul

Intreccio, the freestanding washbasin designed by Paolo Ulian for antoniolupi, looks like a sculpture that combines the airy shape of a corolla and the solidity of marble, which plays on the relationship between the lightness of the sign and the solidity of the material, on the balance between a sophisticated artifice and a seemingly natural shape. A washbasin which, although in marble, weighs only 55 kg, and is formed by a three-dimensional structure composed of the superimposition of parallel layers obtained from a single block of marble of only 11 cm. A structure that makes the chiaroscuro play of solids and voids magical, which is created by the variation of light on the concave or convex shapes.

To create Intreccio, numerically controlled processing technologies have been used which have made it possible to obtain curvilinear and thin shapes, almost as light as if they were made of another material and not marble. The rings that make up this washbasin are parallel, obtained one inside the other from the same block of marble, an expedient that has made it possible to drastically reduce the waste produced by the cut.


Borghi, the washbasin that tells about Tuscany

Sustainability, elegance of materials, dimensional balance, the sophisticated ratio of volumes and the suggestive story that underlies the project. This is the result of the collaboration between antoniolupi and Gumdesign that gave life to Borghi, the new freestanding washbasin that idealizes the atmosphere of Tuscany. The chosen chromatic range refers to the memory of the twilight sky, to grown grapes before harvest, to the foliage of centuries-old olive trees. Poetry and memory made products. Borghi is made of contrasts such as cork and Cristalmood, two very different but both sustainable materials. The base is made with cork recovered and reassembled with the use of resins only. Lightweight, flexible, resistant, recycled and 100% recyclable material. The Cristalmood with which the washbasin is made is a transparent, colourable and resistant resin, durable over time, restorable and recyclable.


Seductive shapes and transparencies for the Reflex bathtub

Seduction enters the bathroom with the Reflex bathtub created for antoniolupi by Al Studio. Resistant like stone and transparent like a crystal, it reveals the sinuous play of shapes created inside by the movements of the water.

The bathtub, with a pure shape, enhanced by the material: Cristalmood, a resin that is manually poured into the moulds. Once extracted, the objects must be finished manually by sanding to remove all imperfections, both inside and outside. Given the type of processing and the craftsmanship of the production, each object in Cristalmood is unique and unrepeatable due to differences in colour, thickness and size.


Apollo, the shower head of light and water

Light and Water, two elements put together in a single composition of pure forms, Apollo, which carries the signature of Brian Sironi. It is a hybrid object in which neither of the two functions outshine perceptually: it is a lamp, but at the same time a shower head.

It is inspired by the figure of Apollo who, in classical mythology, is the god of the sun, divinity of light and heat, even though his birth took place in water. The two elements in the Greek divinity are perfectly integrated, as well as in the collection of shower heads. For the first time this piece of furniture reveals a double nature that fascinates: it is capable of emerging light and water. The shower heads are a composition of tubular lines that subverts the paradigm of those that already exist, while the lamp, which can take on various shapes, is a simple circular sphere.

Apollo is therefore a source of light and a source of water at the same time and makes the shower experience particularly pleasant, a holistic experience that satisfies the senses.


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