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Modern lines and important historical references

Essential Home furniture is a retro high end universe, it's mid century modern lines and important historical references from the '30 and '60 with contemporary influences. Masculine and feminine, classic and contemporay, the world of inspiration for the Essential Home designer has no end: from retro ads that defined a generation to classic and iconic movie stars from the '60, a union characterized by sensitivity, colors, matter and design. Here is how Essential home products, through a strongly evocative connotation of the ‘50s, give their guests a sort of union between past and present, an eclectic atmosphere, characterized by soft and cozy tones.

Essential Home Collection began in the form of the first furniture collection of the lighting design brand DelightFULL, but soon its designers understood that this collection had a mind of its own and this inspired them to create more and more. The brand evolved into a 50’s and 60’s world of inspiration where bestsellers such as the Monocles Sideboard design played an important part of setting the retro mood that still characterizes Essential Home.

Its designers define themselves as a young team with an old soul. Their future is design, Innovation. Inspiration. These words are with them in everything they do, Essential Home products express clearly this company's intention of becoming the number one brand top of mind reference to every designer and architect, creating unique and timeless pieces of furniture that will endure.


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