Why a Design Furniture Blog?

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Why Create a Blog
about Design?

The design blog by SAG'80 is a clear choice in line with the
know how that has always distinguished us.
The ability to reveal change, make it familiar and turn it into a strength is combined
withthe sharing of expertise, one of the distinctive features of SAG'80 which
today are applied to the web.
Quality and high specialization are expressed online through the blog, a means
of disclosure to broadcast what has always been our content, a perfectly balanced
mix between experience and constant updating.

The blog becomes a tool to take an attentive look at the products into the four
showrooms of the group, to follow the realizations that see them protagonists,
to stay always up to date with the news from the world of design and decoration
and to discover together with the team of specialists all the industry trends.
Research and care of the contents through a blog to tell where, why and what
is happening in this amazing universe.

Enhance your spaces with design!

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