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Zaha Hadid in Italy: furniture design

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There are numerous furniture design works and projects by Zaha Hadid presenting in Italy, and the Maxxi of Rome collects them in an exhibition that tells the work of the Anglo-Iraqi architect in Italy.



From the title "Zaha Hadid in Italy", the exhibition collects furniture design works and projects of the architect spread all over Italy, from the aforementioned Maxxi to the Terminal Maritime of Salerno, to the Messner Museum to Plan de Corones in South Tyrol then to the newly inaugurated high-speed station in Naples.


An installation designed by Zaha Hadid reinterprets the soft and smooth lines of the sketches designed by the architect for Maxxi in three dimensions. Throughout Gallery 5, the one with the large window on the square, are collected pictorial sketches, sketches and three-dimensional models as well as videos, objects and photographs that tell the thoughts of architect at 360 degrees.


In addition to the long list of design furniture works and projects already completed and those still on paper will present the works that Zaha Hadid made in the design world, the excellent collaborations such as those with B&B Italia and Boffi.


One of the best known is the Moon System sofa designed in collaboration with B&B Italia where the name is a clear reference to the isolated shapes that evoke the futuristic sculptural masses and some architectures of the Iraqi architect. A form an irregular and dynamic that challenges the traditional theme of the session.


Her mind does not stop at the living area but continues in the kitchen. One year after her unfortunate death, Boffi decided to put into production the Cuna Island, designed by Zaha Hadid for a residential building in New York. A sculptural island where leave a empty place at the front for sitting area dominates the entire volume. This project expresses Boffi's great ability in custom made realization.


A review by Maxxi that, as the director Guccione says, an exhibition of "a brilliant designer who has looked with interest in the artistic and architectural tradition of our country”.



Zaha Hadid furniture design modern kitchen
Zaha Hadid furniture design black and white kitchen
Zaha Hadid sofa design kitchen
Zaha Hadid furniture design modern sofa
Zaha Hadid furniture design design sofa

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