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Sag'80, an 'Upside Down' Christmas

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For this Christmas, Sag'80 has decided to focus on the exclusivity of Daniele Papuli's works, and make clients live a truly special experience, made of warm, welcoming colors and extraordinary objects. 

Unique pieces, with a very strong visual impact, which give a magical atmosphere to Christmas.

And it does so with Sottosopra, an exclusive series of handmade paper vases for a Christmas still to be built. For the first time, his works will be presented within the spaces of Sag'80.

Daniele Papuli is an artist, a sculptor of matter, space and places.
Following his twenty-year bond with Dilmos, his works arrive in Sag'80, considered by the historic gallery, the reference point of the contemporary store in Milan.

And it is precisely from here that this triple collaboration was born, strongly desired by Dilmos, with the aim of bringing contemporary art closer and dialogue with luxury furniture, enhancing the value of artistic intuition that becomes a unique and unrepeatable creation.

The meeting between Papuli and paper dates back to 1995 and is the revelation of the lightness of form, the ductility and modularity of the material when compared with stone, plaster or wood. It is the suggestion that starts from the two-dimensional sheet of paper, and that thanks to a work of cutting, composition and decomposition of volumes between the plays of color, creates new shapes. It is the highest task of matter, that of assuming the form in itself to make it become content.

And the series of vases testifies precisely to this: the incredibility of paper takes on new meanings, through visions and colors. As in Sottosopra, where the grammar of the vase is rewritten in the new relationship it creates with the space in which it is replaced. A relationship that also involves the sensory experience, triggering new sensations when the hand touches these works of art because paper is a living material, capable of generating new and always different scenarios depending on how it is structured and worked. 

It is a story written and directed by the artist.
A story that enters the home to embellish the rooms with a lively and pulsating feeling.
Like a sheet of paper.


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