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The top of sliding doors Rimadesio

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rimadesio sliding doors aluminum doors

Rimadesio produces sliding doors and systems for division of environments, used for interior architectural definition.
An continuous expansion of offer and constant stylistic evolution made up of doors, bookcases and modular systems, wardrobe cabins and a collection of furniture accessories.



Rimadesio is a company focused on continuous research whose purpose is to offer innovative, functional and aesthetically exclusive proposals.


Located in the greenery of the most productive area of northern Italy, Rimadesio's headquarters expresses the conceptual vision of the company: functionalism and simplicity. The building is made up of large windows that allow the light to permeate the spaces and, as in the interior, glass is the protagonist; The large sliding doors of Siparium of Rimadesio create dynamic spaces in continuity with each other.


But not only sliding systems and sliding doors, Rimadesio has always been investigating the ability to give new responses to functional needs by reinterpreting the space of living. This has led to different national and international awards for the company.

Among the latest award-winning products is Alambra that won the Design Index ADI selection in 2016. A day system designed by Giuseppe Bavuso in two versions, where volumes and plays of transparency, data from horizontal bars, are the protagonists. Suitable to complete the living area, the bookcase of Rimadesio Italy integrates easily, bringing a touch of elegance in every room. 

A proposal combining the utmost rigor of design with subtle formal citations to classical containers for the living area.



rimadesio sliding doors bookcase
rimadesio sliding doors modern bookcase
rimadesio sliding doors aluminum doors
rimadesio sliding doors aluminum doors
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