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The 3 best unique design tables

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Timeless icons, pieces to be purchased with the idea that there will not be any mode can damage their value. Whether they are strictly rectangular, perfectly circular or gently elliptical, the unique design tables characterize the living area of each home.



No doubt the table is the hub of the home, so it must be suitable for pleasant moments with friends or family.


Different styles and changing modes, the table over the years has changed shape from larger dimensions to smaller ones dictated by the demands of modern living. Different materials from wood to steel then to glass, unique design tables will always remain the kings of our homes.


Many pieces are real icons that, thanks to their shapes and their elegance, are able to adapt perfectly to different styles.


Here is our selection of timeless unique design tables to accompany stories of generations:


-Artek's Table 80A. In this table the quality combines with clean lines and rigorous design. Fully in wood, it features the classic L-shaped leg with bent folding designed by Alvar Aalto, a clear distinctive feature that characterizes the manufacturer's brand.


-Saarinen of Knoll. Bringing the name of its creator is also better known as Tulip. This unmistakable table is distinguished by a unique, central-topped heart-shaped leg. A piece of the 1950s that graces its elegance is still one of the most popular tables in houses all over the world.


-Bolt of B & B Italy. Designed by Mario Bellini Bolt is presented with a simple, but ironic, chassis that recalls the typical architectural structures. A central structure supporting a glass round top is the distinctive element of this furnishing item.


Whatever it is, round, rectangular or oval, wood, marble or iron, "A table is not always just a table". Mario Bellini



unique design tables
unique design tables
unique design tables
high end tables
unique design tables
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