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Boffi kitchens: Sag80 outlet proposals

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boffi kitchen outlet display sale sag80 2019 Piero lissoni

Your Boffi kitchen: discover the proposals from Sag80



The kitchen is becoming ever more often the nerve center of the home and choosing one is important. By opting for a kitchen from the Boffi collections, you will surely be making a wise decision in the design world.
In the Sag80 showroom in Milan, you can find a vast assortment of models at outlet prices with discounts up to 50% without sacrificing quality.

Boffi is a brand that has made history in Italian design and is today among the main producers of luxury kitchens.

Like many other businesses throughout the history of Italian design, Boffi was born as an artisanal company which grew during the 1900s to finally become consolidated as an entrepreneurial reality.

The company immediately distinguished itself in the kitchen sector due to the art direction of Luigi Masson in the 1960s, who oversaw the conception of some of the company’s first cult creations such as Xila and Dogu. During the same period, Boffi is moving evermore toward research and experimentation, collaborating with notable names in Italian design like Joe Colombo, who created an innovative kitchen model which is now on display at MOMA in New York

Around the 1980s, Boffi entered into the bathroom sector and began to start new collaborations which in the future will become important factors in the growth of the brand’s collections. Boffi first began collaborating with Antonio Citterio and then in the 1990s with Piero Lissoni, who later became art director of the brand.

From these collaborations came kitchen projects such as Table System, which received the Good Design Award from the Chicago Athenaeum in 2007, and the Aprile kitchen, awarded the EDIDA prize in 2010/2011, both projects from Lissoni.

Today, Boffi kitchens are a symbol of style and functionality, and at Sag80 in Milan, you can purchase some of the standout models thanks to the exceptional offerings at outlet prices at the Boffi display sale.


Xila Island Kitchen – Boffi Kitchens - SOLD

The Xila model is a great classic from the Boffi collections, characterized by seamless, handleless doors. The island component expresses the dynamism of contrasting materials: solid pine wood in antique gray and dark aluminum for the doors, quartzite silver for the top which wraps around the sink and runs along the sides. The Gaggenau cooktop and dishwasher are included in the price. 

Discounted price 15,800 euro
Dimensions: 305 cm depth 98 cm



Aprile Island Kitchen – Boffi Kitchens

The Aprile kitchen, proposed here as an island composition, is an elegant system which expresses the element of continuity in the white of the top and doors. The front is lacquered in matte white while the Corian® surface covers the countertop and wraps around the integrated sink. The steel legs of the breakfast bar and the Siemens induction stove stand out against the pure white of the rest of the unit. The Siemens stovetop, Siemens dishwasher, Glass hood, and KWC ONO blender are included in the price. 

Discounted price 19,000 euro
Dimensions: 305 cm x h 93 cm depth 98 cm



Duemilaotto operational columns – Boffi Kitchens - SOLD

Created to complete the Aprile kitchen, the Duemilaotto operational columns are similarly matte lacquered white and characterized by exclusive Duemilaotto accessories, such as drawers, ledges, and recessed doors with Duemilaotto handles. Included in the offer are both the column with the Siemens oven and the column with the Siemens fridge-freezer.

Discounted price 10,600 euro
Dimensions: 360 cm x h 242 cm  depth 75 cm



LT Kitchen – Boffi Kitchens

An angular, continuous linear system with a discrete and compact appearance even with the addition of the mounted wall units. The cooktop is flush with the inox top, while the handles are recessed into the graphite oak doors.  

Discounted price 15,800 euro
Dimensions: 312 cm x 312 cm depth 70 cm


Besides kitchens, among the Boffi collections available from Sag80 you can also find bookshelves and systems such as:

CT Line versatile furnishing addition fit for both the living room and the bathroom. It is made of six elements in black paper stone. 

Discounted price 2100 VAT included
Dimensions: 1 version A 36  cm x h 125 cm depth 25.8 cm
1 version B 40.9 cm x h. 126 cm depth 30.7 cm 
2 version C 45.9 cm x h. 126 cm  depth 35.6 cm
1 version D 36 cm x h. 168 cm  depth 25.8 cm
1 version E 40.9 cm x h. 168 cm depth  30.7 cm


Brompton the shelving system designed by Piero Lissoni in decomat black varnished metal with lighted ledges and columns.

Discounted price 5,200 euro
Dimensions: 365 cm x  244 cm depth 55 cm


It is possible to integrate additional elements into, and in some cases, carry out modifications onto the proposed kitchens according to your needs. To discover all of the solutions and other incredible offers, come find us in Milan in our showroom in Via Boccaccio, 4. 

At Sag80, you will have an exclusive consultancy service, thanks to which you can follow along at every phase of the project. If you choose to purchase from Sag80, our team of architects, interior designers, and planners will accompany you step by step from choosing the furniture to installing the final product.

The offers on the Boffi outlet products are subject to in-store availability, therefore precedence is given to those who reserve first.

*The gallery images are for promotional purposes. The products on offer may have different finishings or colors.

boffi kitchens xila island grey oak wood and black aluminium for the cabinets
boffi kitchens aprile island The fronts are lacquered in matte white, while the counter in Corian
boffi kitchen column tall units operative matte white lacquered
boffi kitchen outlet display sale sag80 2019 LT angular cooktop inox graphite oak doors
boffi kitchen outlet display sale sag80 2019 CT Line paper stone black furniture
boffi kitchen outlet display sale sag80 2019 Brompton shelving system black metal Piero lissoni
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