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Porro Autumn Sales: special price offers

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special offers of Porro products, 40% off for cabinets and closets

Autumn is coming, but this year there will not only the leaves are falling: special prices await you on a wide selection of Porro products.



MIKADO - Made in olive ash - cm.110x50xh.171

Mikado is a storage container with an aesthetic strongly exotic.

Composed by a double row of wooden strips, staggered and offset to allow the internal content to glimpse, the Mikado container has a structure that aesthetically light but also firm at the same time.

Olive ash gives this product a light and warm finish, suitable for very heterogeneous environments.

Special Price € 2,356.00 including VAT - Shipping fee excluded



CABINA STORAGE - Finishing composition in Mongoy wood - cm.600x59xh.292

This walk-in closet allows, thanks to mullions and crossbars, the only supporting elements of the structure to create extremely flexible and lightweight compositions.

This piece can be enriched with drawers, trousers or shirts racks, and many other accessories, equipment that sprinkle the cabin from the essential light structure, supported by an outline meticulously geometric.

Discounted price € 5.016,00 including VAT - Shipping fee excluded



MODERN - Sideboard in white lacquered wood - cm.240x60xh.69

Modern is an articulated and flexible modular container system. It comes from a pure geometric shape: the square, and a simple idea: its movement in space. The cupboard is designed to draw spaces through sharp and essential marks defined by the rigidity of the shapes, the finishing touches and the design quality. 

This system allows you completely free to create the ideal combination of elements, a single object that can be container, supporting surface and shelf at the same time.

Discounted offer € 2,050.00 including VAT - Shipping fee excluded



STORAGE - Matt lacquered cupboard closet - cm.200x59xh.244

Elegant wardrobe with coplanar doors: lacquered outside in matt turquoise color and interior in ash, with the drawers lacquered in baby blue color. 

Glass shelves with LED light.

Discounted price € 4.960,00 including VAT - Shipping fee excluded



Come in Sag80 showrooms to see these amazing offers and ask for advice from our designers to make your own unique home with these products.



Special offers on Porro products, Mikado cabinet in ash wood presented on white background
Special offers on Porro products, Mikado cabinet made of ash wood presented on a gray background
Special offers on Porro products, walk-in closet
Special offers on Porro products, Modern cabinet lacquer in white color on white background
Special offers on Porro products, Storage cupboard Wall matte lacquered mattress compartment
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