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Contemporary furniture for a new design

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contemporary furniture design day area living room sofas

How is the perception of contemporary design modern furniture changing, as contemporary furniture fits into new environments.



The design and contemporary furniture modern design in general has a history that is rooted in time, especially in Italy. The mechanism that feeds this sector, however, is always unchanged, or nearly so. 


Perhaps only in this last period of great change in social situation in the world even the design is undergoing an evolution as perhaps never had happened. Today, the contemporary furniture design, if we want to call them this way, are technically positioned in the same position as the last century: there is furniture for living, kitchen, bathroom and all other private and public spaces. What has changed?


Perceptions have changed, the method of use, purchasing and above all the value has changed over time. A furniture is no longer forever because a home is no longer forever, the company's flexibility has declined in every area from fashion to food through design. Contemporary design modern furniture have found in designers such as Patricia Urquiola, Antonio Citterio or brands such as Vitra and Artek a strong reinterpretation of classical design values in favor of new trends, which perhaps are no longer trends but real new corporate models.


Before globalization the advent of digital have split the market, as in all evolution is not without flaws or problems. 


The design scenery is vast and varied, a first step in the new society status has done but from now the path becomes new and long. A path to discover where millennials will become protagonists from every point of view, both as a market leader and as a new customer in a strongly changing industry.



contemporary furniture design, all the furniture Vitra
contemporary furniture design in interior of vitra
contemporary furniture design sofa urquiola
contemporary furniture design living area lunch table
contemporary furniture design day area living room sofas
contemporary furniture design shimmer small table urquiola
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