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Comfort and elegance with Edra sofas

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Edra Wardrobe sofas armchair

Sofas and furniture that adapt to the most diverse environments, contemporary or traditional houses, public spaces and international museums. Edra, with its sofas and timeless collections, has signed the design history thanks to the highest quality production.


Research and technological innovation are the foundation of every product, where combining wisdom, specialized craftsmanship and innovative talent.


A clear example of this merger is the creation of the innovative "smart cushion". Designed and arranged by Francesco Binfaré, described by him as the desire making of a sofa a landing place and a meeting point for many different, otherwise isolated, “sailors”.


With this pillow, the Edra sofas meet all, a simple mechanism that allows to adjust the inclination of the cushion to fulfil any desire for comfort, from simple reading to the consultation of tablets, to a pleasant conversations with friends. The "smart cushion" enhances the timeless elegance of Edra Absolu sofas transforming the sofa island into the center of the house.


With Edra, the concept of comfort expands, adapting to the needs of everyday life. The constant search for innovative materials, in order to bring all forms of comfort to homes, leads to the creation of Gellyfoam. Developed in 2004, this material, born from the combination of different foams, guarantees the best conceivable softness, enveloping every moment of relaxation.


All styles are ideal for an Edra product, chairs, sofas and furnishing accessories are easy to fit in any environment, enhancing the features.


Edra is an evolution between modern technology and artistic tradition.



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Edra lounge sofas
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