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The path of Cattelan Italia would probably never have started without that family tradition which, since the 1950s, has seen the father dedicated himself to pass on to his children all the passion cultivated in his shop, where the scent of wood was the master.

When, in 1979, the Giorgio and Silvia Cattelan brothers decided to combine an entrepreneurial spirit and an out of the ordinary vision to land in the world of design, the inspiration to follow is given, in addition to the boundless passion for this field, precisely from the will to recreate an elegant and welcoming home environment, made of objects capable of stimulating without giving up the functionality.

Cattelan Italia takes its first steps by offering small furnishing accessories in marble, an offer that, however, is expanded over the years, while the company is experiencing a period of international expansion, finding a place in prestigious showrooms and fairs globally.

With the entry of new generations into the company, the path continues and is enriched with important innovations, such as the opening of the showroom in Carré, spread over 2,000 square meters. Today Cattelan Italia offers surprises for its variety and quality, including tables, chairs, mirrors, cabinets, desks, bookcases and more, as well as materials such as wood, ceramics, glasses and leathers.



Giorgio Cattelan was born in Thiene, in the province of Vicenza, as the youngest of seven brothers. His father, a renowned carpenter from that small Venetian town, had the merit of inspiring in him, and his sister Silvia, the passion for making and working the furniture that was molded in the family workshop.

In 1995 his sons Lorenzo and Paolo joined the company: the latter occupied increasingly important positions, taking the helm of Cattelan Italia starting from 2014 and contributing in a fundamental way to the study of the design of new products and to the launch on the market.



The tables are undoubtedly one of the leading products of Cattelan Italia today, able to reflect the company philosophy according to which the home is "a world where everyone is surrounded with welcoming elements in form and substance", as explained by Giorgio Cattelan himself.

The concepts of form and substance are therefore translated into design and functionality, perfectly fused together in the tables of Cattelan Italia, which in addition to becoming true symbols of modern furniture, thanks to a refined aesthetic and materials of absolute quality, must be meeting the needs of the public, as demonstrated by a wide range of extendable tables equipped with an opening system designed to wisely manage the space.

Among the most iconic models, Skorpio stands out, a table with a painted steel base and a top that, depending on the version, is available in ceramic, glass or wood, but not only. The essential and elegant geometries are perfect for giving character and originality to a modern living room.

But functionality, the possibility of choosing between quality materials and never predictable design are also the trademarks of the desks by Cattelan Italia, with many different options that can help furnish entrances, corridors or other rooms in the house.

The Rapa Nui wooden desk, with painted concrete legs to recall the expressive statues of Easter Island, is the perfect symbol of how stylistic excellence, cutting-edge production techniques and precious materials are among the main cornerstones of each model by Cattelan Italia.



Cattelan Italia is aware of how important it is to choose the right mirror for the home environment that you want to enhance: this is why the company catalog contains mirrors of all types, whether they are floor, wall, shaped or smoked.

Among all these options, it will not be difficult to find the ideal mirror for the room to be furnished, taking into consideration the available spaces, the style of the furniture already present and the dominant color tones: the great variety of finishes present in the Cattelan Italia catalog will allow to find the right combinations for each scenario.

In many cases, moreover, the mirror represents the perfect completion for a cabinet. All Cattelan Italia cabinets show an extremely recognizable design that adds a touch of modernity to the living room and, in addition to offering a very high level of customization, including colors, materials and finishes, they are designed to best adapt to the available space, with opening mechanisms that range from sliding doors to hinged ones, up to cabinets with display that allow you to observe the contents inside.

To understand which model is the best fit to your home environment, you just have to visit our showroom in person.


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