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Luxury in interior design


luxury walk-in closets

Boiserie and walk-in closets, two luxury solutions in interior design


Shaping custom-made homes is the idea on which Sag'80 bases its philosophy, offering a wide range of products born from the minds of the best contemporary designers, the artisan and industrial mastery of the main companies in the sector.

Attention to detail is what pushes the boundaries of design towards the desirable idea of authenticity. The custom design, that of bespoke projects, is what makes any environment coherent, elegant and comfortable, because only when the project is rooted in the cohesive combination of shapes, colors, textures and proportions, it always seems right and greatly improves an experience. in which all the senses are satisfied.

In this case we want to talk about two pieces of furniture that immediately convey an idea of luxury, comfort and beauty.

The boiserie represents a modern solution to furnish the house with extreme taste and refinement.

It is a decorative style born in France between the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries to embellish the interiors of aristocratic homes with the help of decorated or inlaid panels, or alternatively characterized by a simple and linear shape.

The walk-in closet, on the other hand, is a real object of desire, a complete and versatile solution to any domestic organization problem, and can become a real environment dedicated to beauty and self-care.



Today as in the past, the boiserie represents a real decorative technique which consists in covering the wall with a wide variety of materials, shapes and colors. The possibilities are endless and make this type of furniture suitable for any style: from contemporary to more classic.

The Elegant Boiserie system, designed by Giuseppe Iasparra for Longhi S.p.A., is characterized by a multitude of modularities that allow you to furnish the environment with elegant finishes and to cover the walls both in the living area and in the sleeping area. The panel finishes are in leather, the end profiles are in metal and the characterizing element is the central compartment that runs linearly along the length of the wall and is embellished with inserts illuminated by diffused LED light.

When the taste tends towards a more radical materiality, then one can opt for the distinctive metamorphic abilities of metal, capable of incorporating a stylistic code of its own even in the simplest monochromatic surfaces. De Castelli's Scomposta and Boiserie wall covering boast extreme flexibility with regard to compositional solutions and offer an answer to the search for expressive quality outside the box. Made up of panels of different sizes, the two systems are completely customizable. In the case of Scomposta, each panel is mounted on wall racks, while for Boiserie, it is possible to install wooden panels covered with De Castelli materials.

From the same manufacturer is 3D Wall, an effective and completely customizable wall covering system, characterized by square-shaped modules, sectioned diagonally and fixed by magnets to a special sheet anchored to the wall. The strong graphic design and the sculptural appearance are accentuated by the different depths of the sides, together with the ability to customize the individual modules in different finishes.

If, on the one hand, the decorative purpose is undoubtedly the first need of those who decide to install a boiserie in their own spaces, on the other hand, contemporary boiserie can be surprisingly useful, hiding the most important storage space in the whole house. With three different concepts of wardrobe structure, Storage is a modular system that guarantees continuity of space throughout the wardrobe. A fusion between the type of walk-in closet and that of the open wardrobe, the Storage Boiserie designed by Piero Lissoni for Porro is characterized by modular wall panels on which to hang the various equipment, offering a more complete solution than the walk-in closet but visually more light of the open wardrobe, with the effect of a continuous surface without any type of frontal interruption. A real boiserie within which the concept of space acquires a new value.


Walk-in Closet

Clothes, accessories and shoes: any personal object can find the right place in a walk-in closet since there is a very rich offer of shelves, containers and modular furniture. The available options are many and suitable for any style and furnishing need. Furthermore, it is not necessary to dedicate an entire room to it. A modern walk-in closet can occupy only one portion of a room and can also be placed outside the sleeping area, in a room otherwise fewer used. Whether they are horizontal or angular, with traditional or sliding doors, there are custom-made solutions to create a luxury corner in any type of home.

The refined and linear style characterizes the Gliss Master collection by Vincent Van Duysen for Molteni: a system of wardrobes and walk-in closets that offers linear and angular solutions in which precious materials beautifully enhance timeless shapes. The doors are in transparent glass or precious wood, also lacquered. Feature of the collection is the presence of suspended drawers, also available with faux leather fronts.

Antibes by Piero Lissoni and CRS Boffi is a new spacious and super-equipped walk-in closet with single sides and frame structure. It offers an articulated system of internal organization elements that allows you to keep everything in order and at the same time at hand: drawers, shirt holders, shoe racks and LED lighting. The Thermal Larch, Elm, White Mel, Wood Gray finishes warm up any environment giving a sophisticated touch of modernity.

The My Suite walk-in closet by Porada, designed by Gabriele and Oscar Buratti, is completely customizable, modular with elements and accessories in wood, smoked glass and covered in leather. The modularity of its components allows maximum flexibility in the final design, for an absolutely custom-made result: in the corner configuration, for example, My Suite is an open space that communicates with the entire room. The shelves can be equipped with LED lighting in the lower part.


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