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Black Friday Kitchens 2018

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An incredible selection of kitchens from exclusive design at incredibly discounted prices. Sag80’s Black Friday allows you to refresh the furnishings of the most symbolic and iconic part of the house with functional artistic compositions and expressive materials.



It’s Black Friday time - the tradition imported from the US that inaugurates the Christmas shopping period with incredible discounts, but also the right moment to treat oneself with that new design kitchen that you’ve been dreaming of, but at a highly discounted price. An unmissable occasion to substitute furnishings while focusing on aesthetics, quality, and technology – all while making the most of the available space which, of course, must be functional, but also comfortable to live in and share with others.


Let yourself be seduced by the much-desired design and the high-quality materials of the kitchens offered by Sag80, minimalist in their shapes, but dynamic in functions, conceived to integrate to the critical operative areas of the house and house utensils.

The Black Friday Kitchens 2018 offers will be valid on Thursday the 22nd, Friday the 23rd, and Saturday the 24th of November, the same days as Black Friday Furniture. Let yourself miss them, pay the deposit immediately to insure you get your favourite product!


  • Convivium Island Kitchen – Arclinea Kitchens

A famed cult name for this kitchen characterised by open and organised spaces, ideal for interacting with guests. This island designed by Antonio Citterio is offered with cabinets; drawers and a vent hood made of Inox Steel; a sink and hob with space for 5 pots made by Foster. It is completed by the Up-Down table in fumigated oak.

Discounted price: 25000 Euro, tax included
Dimensions: 400 cm by 90 cm | depth 91 cm



  • Xila Island Kitchen – Boffi Kitchens

A classic of Boffi’s lineup is the Xila model, which as a characteristic trait completely lacks handles on the continuous row of cabinets. The island features dynamic contrasting materials: grey oak wood and black aluminium for the cabinets, silver quartzite for the surface which surrounds the sink and continues along the sides. Included in the price are a hob and dishwasher by Gaggenau.

Discounted price: 15800 Euro, tax included
Dimensions: 305 cm | depth 98 cm



  • Aprile Island Kitchen – Boffi Kitchens

The Aprile Kitchen, here offered in the island format, is an elegant system that uses white as a continuous element between the surface top and cabinets. The fronts are lacquered in matte white, while the counter in Corian® covers the top, integrating the sink into the design. The legs are in chrome steel, as is the Siemens induction hob that is included in the price, together with a dishwasher, also from Siemens, a Glass hood, and a KWC ONO tap.

Discounted price: 19000 Euro, tax included
Dimensions: 305 cm by 93 cm in height | depth 98 cm



  • Duemilaotto operative units– Boffi Kitchens

Born to complement and complete the Aprile kitchen, the Duemilaotto “operative columns” are similarly finished with matte white lacquer, characterised by exclusive accessories such as drawers, shelves, and cabinets fitted with Duemilaotto handles. Included in the offer are the version with an oven and the version with a fridge, both by Siemens.

Discounted price: 10600 Euro tax included
Dimensions: 360 cm by 242 cm in height | depth 75 cm



  • LT Kitchen – Boffi Kitchens

An l-shaped solution with clean linear edges that elegantly fits as a discreet and compact element in any house, adapting to any space, especially given the option to fix the cabinets to the wall. The hob is flush mounted to the inox counter, while all the handles are integrated in the cabinets, which are themselves made of durmast colour graphite.

Discounted price: 15800 Euro, tax included
Dimensions: 312 cm by 312 cm | depth 70 cm



It is possible to integrate additional elements to all the listed kitchens, and, in some cases, modify them to suit your needs. To discover all the options and other incredible flash sales come find us at our showrooms in Milan, starting from Thursday the 22nd of November. Sag80’s Black Friday is awaiting you with numerous other products on offer from some of the best home furnishing collections. Take advantage of the best weekend of the year for shopping to get a head-start on your Christmas shopping!


*The images in the gallery are for promotional purposes, the products on offer may have different colours and/or finishings.



arclinea kitchens convivium, drawers and a vent hood made of Inox Steel
boffi kitchens xila island grey oak wood and black aluminium for the cabinets
boffi kitchens aprile island The fronts are lacquered in matte white, while the counter in Corian
boffi kitchen column tall units operative matte white lacquered
boffi lt angular kitchen inox counter, cabinets durmast colour graphite
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