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Molteni&C, Dada and Vitra for Ariosto

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Ariosto Social Club




Ariosto Social Club is a new place that is enchanting Milan, the experience that was missing. The space furnished by the best brands of Italian design is in the heart of the Milan city, a few steps away from both Leonardo's Last Supper and the City Life skyscrapers.

What exactly is Ariosto Social Club? It is an innovative and pioneering concept-store of its kind with an eco-sustainable vision of services. It is a wellness area with a SPA where you can take care of the body and also of the spirit, it is a café to enjoy a moment of absolute relaxation during the day.

Especially Ariosto Social Club is its apartments. Twenty apartments, which originate from an ancient prestigious hotel, where the charm of the atmospheres that recall the beginning of the last century, is accompanied by the style of careful planning in which each phase ensures an attention to detail such as to make the stay unforgettable and comfortable .

The apartments, available in different formulas as regards size and permanence, are treasures of beauty thanks to their furnishings which are the result of the collaboration with the flagship store of Molteni&C, Dada and Vitra which, in the beating heart of Milan in Corso Europa 2, offer the best of interior design and furnishing products and solutions.

Ariosto Social club was born as a bet towards the future of a team of professionals who make hospitality a real art. From these assumptions, the meeting with Molteni&C, Dada and Vitra, who are the undisputed masters of welcoming and feeling good, was a natural landing place to carry on the project.


The collaboration with Molteni & C, Dada and Vitra: together towards the future 

A new project that is a forerunner of lifestyle, hospitality and wellness trends cannot ignore relying on real authorities in the furniture sector such as Molteni&C, Dada and Vitra. Each brand is able to guarantee solutions of the highest quality, excellence and extraordinary results. If in Ariosto Social Club customers can have a personal chef at their disposal to delight their guests, what could be better than a Dada kitchen to savor moments of pure joy? Or again, is there anything better than Molteni&C sofas to embrace you in a sweet and warm feeling of rest after a hard day? The floors intersect: the care of the body and spirit suggested by the wellness space finds its fulfillment inside the apartments furnished with the best of Molteni&C production. Looking to the future is to tie together the engineering competence with the creative taste of the best contemporary designers: and this is the case of Vitra which joins Ariosto Social Club thanks to its reliable experience in the creation of intelligent products and solutions for the home and public spaces. .

It is a great tale of stories and excellence that arrives in Milan, and in this place, the privileged interior within which to express and experiment.  


The philosophy of the Molteni & C, Dada and Vitra flagship store anticipates the changes

Telling what these brands represent for the Italian and international market is to retrace the steps of a journey that crosses the history of furniture and design with insights of absolute beauty combined with a natural propensity for challenges that look to the future.

With this spirit, the flagship store of Molteni&C, Dada and Vitra participated in the realization of an enjoyable, ambitious and avant-garde project like that of Ariosto Social Club, providing a complete service.

Which is the same philosophy that inspires the brands and shop windows of Corso Europa 2 in Milan: the team of architects, interior designers and professionals follows the customer step by step in each developing phase, always guaranteeing the best of what the market can offer and guiding the customer in important choices with the decision and attention to detail that can only come from great competence, from a passion for what you do and from courage towards the future.



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