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Arflex sofas, comfort and timeless style

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Sofas Arflex

Arflex sofas, made in Italy at the service of comfort and design


Therefore, deciding which model is most suitable for the spaces and mood of the environment it will occupy is crucial. From the palette to the materials, passing through the shapes and style, today the market has created an aura of an object of desire around the sofa. Made in Italy has Arflex as a symbolic company of the sector, an all-Italian history that began in the 1950s in a small factory in Milan, in Corso di Porta Vittoria, and immediately became a symbol of artisan culture, experimentation and innovation, thanks also to collaborations with the best designers, who have created iconic and timeless pieces that have entered the history of worldwide design. The great strength of Arflex has always been its ability to synthesize design, quality, use and color, which has made its furniture a must to have in home.


'Strips' by Cini Boeri, the pop sofa that turns into a sleeping bag

A sofa based on the upholstery and no longer on the structure. This was the great revolution of the Strips model, designed for Arflex by Maria Cristina Mariani Dameno, better known as Cini Boeri (from her husband's surname), the architect, student of Gio Ponti, who passed away last September. It is a historic piece of Italian industrial design, a beloved and award-winning best seller that since its birth in the late 1960s has not ceased to collect praise and appreciation, and to renew itself in subsequent interpretations. Cini Boeri for this enormously versatile sofa chooses a padding with non-deformable polyurethane to ensure the comfort of the seat, placed on a wooden core, and was the first to do so, then adding the quilt, the removable cover. "It is used as a real shell to be taken off, washed, changed, put back on and closes with a zip like a dress over the polyurethane body," wrote Cini Boeri in 1974. The project should have been called 'Christo', to pay the American artist who at the beginning of the seventies packaged the monument to Leonardo da Vinci in Piazza della Scala, in Milan. Hence the idea of ​​doing the same for the design of a new series of upholstered furniture.

Today the collection has evolved and the Strips family consists of a complete series of upholstered items: two and more seater sofas, poufs, and various modular elements, all available in different sizes.


'Marenco', sofa from 1970 with soft and innovative shapes 

Comfort, softness, experimentation and style. Even if it was created in 1970, the Marenco sofa by Arflex continues to maintain the same characteristics, making it a timeless icon of international design. The author, from whom it takes the name, Mario Marenco, irreverence made architect, was an eclectic, ironic, counter-current person who translated his way of being, his vision, into his creations. Known to most as a television face in irreverent and successful broadcasts such as 'Alto gradimento' and 'Indietro Tutta', alongside Renzo Arbore, the designer from Foggia has left a notable contribution to the world of architecture and design. The sofa that wears his name, created for Arflex, is the result of continuous research and experimentation. Indeed, it introduces a revolutionary assembly system for cushions and armrests at the base. The cushions are simply inserted into a metal tubular frame that increases rigidity and resistance, without forgetting the comfort, given by the maxi rounded shapes. The padding in non-deformable polyurethane foam with different densities then allows the body to sink comfortably, while the internal structure in metal tubular guarantees right support. Mario Marenco thus wished to combine strength and comfort with the possibilities offered by the use of the metal tubular matching with the polyurethane padding of the upholstery. In 2007 the Marenco sofa won the Wallpaper Design Awards Best Reissues, thus becoming an timeless design object, so much so that today there are versions of different colors that make it even more modern and iconic.


'Frame' by Carlo Colombo, a sofa with a timeless charm

Comfort, functionality and aesthetics are the elements that distinguish 'Frame', the iconic sofa designed by Carlo Colombo, an architect who, during his career, has brought experimentation and made in Italy all over the world. The products created for Arflex perfectly embody the union between his DNA and the Milanese company. In the case of 'Frame', the geometric lines, formal abstraction and clean details, without sacrificing a minimal decorative language, make it a timeless and versatile sofa, capable of adapting to retro environments but also with a more modern style. The seating system has a comfortable line and can be produced both in the leather and fabric version, also in woven leather, a covering that makes it even more elegant and identifying.


'Hug love seat' by Claesson Koivisto Rune, the sofa as welcoming as a hug 

"The hug, the affectionate and welcoming gesture, most clearly visible in the position of the 'open arms' of the armrests, is intended as a universal invitation: come, sit down for a moment and I will put you at ease". Thus Claesson Koivisto Rune, the Swedish architectural partnership studio founded in Stockholm in 1995 by Mårten Claesson, Eero Koivisto and Ola Rune, described the inspiration that gave life to the 'Hug Love Seat' sofa made for Arflex. It is an enveloping model that becomes a comfortable and relaxing place to protect yourself from the rush and bustle of life. In the environment where this small sofa is placed, perfect even when there are not large spaces, gives you the opportunity to create an area in your living room that invites you to sit and relax. The materials are precious: the structure and base are in metal, while the outlines are in canaletto walnut, wengè or oak stained wood. The seat padding is in molded polyurethane foam and the covering in polyester fiber, while the adjustable feet are in black PVC.


Arcolor by Jaime Hayón, arched shapes and retro style 

The 'Arcolor' sofa that the Madrid artist-designer Jayme Hayón designed for Arflex takes up the classic geometry of the arch. It is a modular system which, unlike other similar apparently squared models, was created by giving softness to the shapes, with the result of having created something organic. The consistency of this approach also applies to the legs, with arches touching the floor. A strong coherence and rhythmic repetition of the forms that are reminiscent of the Roman aqueduct and are well suited to the most diverse contexts, both public and private, from living rooms to lobbies. Hayón, strong in knowledge and taste for high-end craftsmanship, with 'Arcolor' has created a design sofa destined to become an icon.



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