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All the comfort of the Flou beds

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Flou beds modern style bedroom

Flou produces high quality intrinsic and stylish beds. Collections are always Increasing, developed by its Research & Development Center in collaboration with renowned designers, have led the company to become industry leaders among the most qualified furniture shops in over 50 countries around the world.



Flou become industry leaders as an interpreter of the sleep function, producing not only more than 40 all kinds of beds models, as well as mattresses, pillows, mattress supports, upholstery fabrics, for a 360° experience. 


Flou is not only a tradition, it is also the innovation developed in collaboration with some of the designers who over the years have become one of the most influential in the industry, ranging from famous signatures such as Enzo Mari to contemporary Rodolfo Dordoni, every single point of view has been applied to strengthen the brand identity.


Among the most popular Flou beds, the model Nathalie designed by Vico Magistretti is among the examples of beds that combine functionality and innovative design: it's just a gesture of the hand and is redone, padded, covered with removable, washable and interchangeable fabrics.


The success that has characterized these productions is not surprising and continues with the latest collections to be the trademark of Flou.


The news in 2017 is the aesthetic and functional progress made by the company, with AMAL double bed designed by Carlo Colombo and Tay sofas, the narration of the collections, Flou continues to be the immediate response of the public and the press, but evolved in performance.


So far, Flou's numerous bedding are complemented with furnishings and a variety of wardrobes that incorporate the textile soul from the brand.



Padded Flou Beds
Flou beds bedroom
Flou bedroom beds with fireplace
Flou Beds Pink Pine Bed
Flou beds classic style bedroom
Flou beds modern style bedroom
Flou beds bed color sugar paper
Flou beds bed detail
Flou beds modern sofas

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