Murano Design Glass Collections

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Authenticity and quality

Since 1921 Venini is based in Murano, the worldwide famous island where, glass is manufactured for centuries. The company is one of the major realities concerning research in glass and it is considered a landmark in the world of art.
The centuries-old skills in the processing of this raw material is combined with the shapes and leniee of the great masters.

Today, Venini is a constantly developing with new colored pieces designed by great architects such as Fabio Novembre who has recently paid homage to the brand with Murana, a wonderful green glass pot in a shape of a feminine face, and Happy Pills, a series of funny multicolored luxury pots.

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Italian design  designed  by Tapio Wirkkala for Venini
modern design by Napoleone Martinuzzi for Venini
modern design for Candlestick by Venini