Office furniture design

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Aesthetic design and high functionality

Unifor, from Molteni Group, manufactures office furniture solutions designed to meet the most demanding markets. High design expertise is accompanied by the ability to customize every aspect of the process, so as to obtain some elements of unique and inimitable furniture.

Design and production are merged together in a place where the experimentation of innovative forms and the study of new materials combine with craftwork techniques and innovative industrial processes. Products with a great aesthetic design and a high functionality are the result of passion and dedication.

Suffice it to recall the iconic and essential table Less by Jean Nouvel or the MDL System by Michele De Lucchi, in which elegance meets purity of shape, creating a unique office space with a fascinating structural flexibility.

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modern design by Fernando Urquijo for Unifor
office design by Fernando Urquijo for Unifor
office furniture by Fernando Urquijo for Unifor