Nero Sicilia
Etna Volcano & Volcanic Stone Designs

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Modern and refined style 

The valorization of territory and Made in Italy are strong elements present in Nero Sicilia philosophy. The company bases its core business in lava stone, directly taken from the slopes of Etna Volcano. Large lava plates that do not undergo chemical treatments and remain unglazed surfaces worked at art to become exclusive pavements for house and office spaces.

The design leaves room for nature, the different surfaces of the plates are synonymous of heterogeneity of the areas from which the stone is extracted. Composition, melting time and temperature dictate the different textures.

This product is perfect for all rooms of house: kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and living.
The natural color is enhanced by pure geometric forms making it a perfect choice for a modern and refined style.

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nerosicialia lava stone
lava stone worked with Textone
stone from slopes of Etna by Nerosicilia