Louis Poulsen
Contemporary Lighting

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The study of forms is combined with excellence of workers

Louis Poulsen is an international lighting manufacturer and part of Polaris Private Equity, based in Copenaghen. This company serves the professional and private lighting markets, and produces and develops lighting solutions for indoor and outdoor applications. Close cooperation with architects has made Louis Poulsen a leading supplier of architectural lighting on the world market thanks to the rigorous and simple style of its pieces.

This approach has led the company to collaboration with one of the most well-known lighting designer Poul Henningse realizing products summarized with three words: function, comfort and ambience.
The study of  forms is combined with excellence of workers help to make each item unique, all crowned by a deep knowledge of materials and attention to detail.

With a contemporary style and a simple and discreet design Louis Poulsen products are ideal for all types of architeture, from contemporary to ancient.

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design light by Øivind Slaatto
contemporary design lighting by Christian Flindt for Louis Poulsen