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Passion for light

Innermost is born in London in 1999 by Steve Jones and Russell Cameron. Their extended experience in design consultancy and furniture design led them to create a company with the aim of giving a voice to talented designers' ideas that were never being advanced beyond the conceptual. With Innermorst lighting they still keep the same focus and passion today as they did when they started out, creating a high quality lighting design.

They still follow their initial philosophy, to be ‘as British as London itself’, that is to say very British and then again not British at all but a beautiful and exciting mix of what the entire world can o er. Their instinctive desire to rebel from the norm, Innermost lighting uses materials and processes in a unique way to defy expectation. Their passion for light, for example, led them to consider how illumination can be used as a raw material. Passionate about each design and every level of detail, they travel across the globe sourcing the best quality materials and the most suitable producers for each product and every component, staying close to the manufacturing development at each stage. Whether found in cafes, bars, or meetings rooms, Innermost design is central in spaces that bring people together and celebrate the social side of life. As designers, curators, industry experts, and mavericks, those who work in Innermost thrive from taking wild ideas and creating beautiful, thoughtful and innovative products, working with the clients to ensure the creation of products that continue to be relevant to the changing market. 

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