Ingo Maurer
Timeless Lamps and Lighting Systems

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Dreamy lighting systems

The GmbH Ingo Maurer Company, named after its founder, started in Munich in 1970 and produces timeless lamps and dreamy lighting systems.

Maurer works with his team for years in order to create great effect design objects, true icons. Planning lighting and interior design work are also important components of his company’s activity.

The particularity of his artworks is in the use of unconventional items such as bottles, plates, nets, sheets of paper, butterflies and feathers made of ceramic, which are transformed in some unique, unrepeatable objects.

Among the others, we mention: Lucellino, The Fisherman’s tears, Porca Miseria!, One from the Heart.


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contemporary design lamp by Ingo Maurer
contemporary design lighting by Ingo Maurer
contemporary design furniture by Ingo Maurer