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Gufram Furniture: fun and original pop design


Gufram is the leading manufacturer of pop design in Italy, characterised by outlandish tones and clear artistic influences.


Gufram was founded by the Gugliermetto brothers in 1966 in Turin. It soon became one of the most interesting contemporary Italian design brands and was known all over the world for its eccentric products. Bold colours, bizarre shapes and Pop Art references are the principal features of Gufram, designed by the Gugliermetto brothers in their studio. Over time, Gufram Furniture has earnt its own unique place in the interior design industry, also thanks to many fruitful collaborations with avant garde and contemporary artists.


Gufram is known all over the world for its playful pop designs. Breaking the rules of traditional luxury design, Gufram products bear signature design traits present in every new collection. Gufram furniture has become a point of reference for all the artists who want to create products free from the conventional shapes and rules of the design industry. Many Gufram products, in fact, can be found in the world’s most important contemporary art museums, such as the Centre Georges Pompidou, the MoMa in New York and the Triennale in Milan.


Gufram’s style is based on two fundamental principles: the desire to reference and create avant garde and contemporary art while also wanting to turn this art into a functional product, and introduce uncommon shapes - such as the cactus, the bird nest or a grass lawn - into the realm of interior design. Gufram furniture plays with the decomposition of shapes and the enlargement of small details.


Pratone Gufram:  the design chair made in polyurethane foam

Polyurethane foam is obtained through a process of cold molding. Often used as padding, it is the principal material of the Pratone model, designed in 1971 by the Strum Group (composed of Giorgio Ceretti, Pietro Derossi and Riccardo Rosso). Pratone is shaped like a magnified clump of grass and can be used as a chaise longue or as a chair to simply sink into. It has often been revisited in more bold and daring variants.


Cactus Gufram: the company’s trademark

The coathanger Cactus, designed in 1972, is the symbol of Gufram furniture and one of the most iconic products of contemporary Italian design. The large emerald cactus, free from the canon of functionalism, stands as a majestic and humorous sculpture. Devised by Guido Rocco and Franco Mello, Cactus itself has been object of reinterpretation. In 2013 Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari, wanting to go beyond the revolutionisation of functional design carried out by Cactus, decided to transform the design itself by accompanying it with another object, completely unrelated to the cactus but also characterised by clean and classic shape: the egg.


Attica armchair: revolutionising classic design

The Gufram designers have pushed pass the confinements of functional design and created designs that unite utility and creativity. A prime example of this approach is the seating series and coffee table Attica, Capitello and Attica TL, designed by Studio65 in 1972. This decorative product revisits the Ionic style of Greek columns and is composed of three pieces. The three parts can be used as two seatings and a table, or simply as decor, and will undoubtedly have a striking visual impact. The references to neoclassical features are strongly influenced by Pop Art, making Attica, Capitello e Attica TL a contemporary archeological find, softer than ancient stone thanks to the employment of polyurethane foam.


La Cova: relaxing inside a work of art

Another artistic revisitation of classic concepts is the 1973  La Cova design by Gianni Ruffi. The design is intended for those who want to retire from the hustle and bustle of the world and curl up in a bird’s nest. The design solution by Gufram is made of intertwined fabric in the shape of a human-size nest, in which we can huddle up and unwind. La Cova truly offers the experience of relaxing inside a work of art. Thanks to this ingenious piece of furniture, Gufram was able to bring to life an inconceivable dream.


Bocca sofa: glamour influences with surrealist tones

The 1970 design Bocca is a clear example of the artistic influences that have always permeated the designs of the Piedmontese company. Bocca is directly inspired by the Salvador Dalì’s art installation Mae West’s Face (1931). In this piece by the Spanish artist a furnished room creates an optical illusion that illustrates the American actress’ face. The illusion of the lips is formed by the voluptuous sofa. Studio65 brought to life those bright red sensuous lips through the Bocca sofa designed for Gufram. This product has been praised by many design publications and been part of a number of fashion shoots. The sofa is characterised by vibrant and daring features and is ideal to add a touch of designer humor to your living room. Since 2008 Bocca has been available in two complementary opposite variants: the black Dark Lady variant sports a giant lip piercing and is the punk rock version of the original red model; the second variant is fuchsia, that gives a more tender touch to the iconic sofa. To celebrate their 50 year anniversary, Studio65 produced an even more daring and provocative version of Bocca, entirely covered in gold.

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We are always ready to meet every request. We are here to make your dream come true. Contact us for a quote, we will guide you through each phase of the project.

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