Contemporary Design Furniture

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Reference point for the furniture

In the 50s Fernando and Maddalena De Padova brought the Northern Europe design for the first time in Italy, Scandinavian furniture and objects were for sale in their showroom in via Montenapoleone.
This was just the beginning of an activity that made DePadova a reference point for the furniture in the international arena.

Among the countless collaborations over the years we mention the ones with Achille Castiglioni with the ‘Mate’ table and Vico Magistretti for the Silverchair. In the 2000s also Patricia Urquiola and Nendo joined the designers team.

In 2015 Boffi acquired the company, the result has been a strong partnership that pointed to a joint international distribution that has took them on top in the world of contemporary design.

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contemporary design furniture by Vico Magistretti for De Padova
contemporary design furniture by De Padova
contemporary design furniture by Jan Armgardt and Ingo Maurer for De Padova