Fresh and Classic Outdoor Furniture

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Passion and creativity

Dedon, leader in the production of outdoor furniture since 1990, works with plastic fiber with competence and professionalism to produce items of furniture resistant to cold and bad weather.

Passion and creativity are the basis of this brand's production where traditional expertise is combined to the future. Expert craftsmen work the raw matter by combining traditional techniques with innovative industrial processes result of continuous research and passion for everything is new.

Quality is the key word: materials, processing, design and services, each step is carefully thought out and executed to give the best in each product.

One example is the ‘Orbit XXL collection’ designed by the Californian designer Richard Frinier, a spaceship shaped sofa characterized with soft and aerodynamic lines, a very comfortable and pretty piece of design.

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contemporary outdoor design by Dedon design Studio
outdoor design furniture by Frank Lightart for Dedon
outdoor design furniture by DANIEL POUZET and FRED FRETY for Dedon
contemporary outdoor design by JEAN-MARIE MASSAUD for Dedon