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De Castelli Furniture


Founded by Albino Celato in 2003, De Castelli combines the tradition of artisanal metalworking from Treviso with the latest technologies of the design industry.


The unique quality of their manufacturing process and the originality of their designs are the distinctive traits of De Castelli. By using iron and steel, the company creates home furnishings that resemble works of art.


The finishes of the De Castelli products are immaculate. Their Italian iron furniture is proof of the company’s passion for metal, which is improved and perfected by the continuous research and development carried out by the young venetian firm. Iron and steel are combined and amalgamated, giving origin to truly unique creations with exclusive colours and textures.


Come and discover on the Sag80 website the elegance of the De Castelli furniture collection. Tradition and passion blend with complex and audacious ideas resulting in shapes and colours capable of furnishing any type of environment.


Italian Iron Furniture: unique projects with a futuristic stlìyle

In 2010 the De Castelli Edition collection was created. This series of products answered the need to fully explore the aesthetic qualities of iron and steel. Thanks to these experimentations, De Castelli created a catalogue of ultra modern products.


Signed by some of the most important designers such as Aldo Cibic, Michele De Lucchi and Ramon Esteve, De Castelli furniture combine avant garde design with a desire to shock. The different shapes and sizes of their products are combined with high-quality materials, generating an innovative melting pot with a strong visual impact.


Designed by Nika Zupanc, the De Castelli Longing cabinet challenges the rationality of functional design to give space to a more intuitive type of eclecticism. The Longing cabinet by the Slovenian designer has been described as “an elegant touch of punk” and was praised by Elle USA for the originality with which, following in the steps of the modernist tradition set by Le Corbusier, Jeanneret and Perriand, it reinterprets the traditional cabinet.


Cabinet designs are the protagonists of De Castelli's iron furniture collection, featuring as kitchen cupboards and as other pieces of furniture around the house. Longing is made with copper and its geometry features sixteen drawers, each equipped with a key. The design resembles a magic chest.


Another fairytale-like design is the Scribble coffee table set. Scribble sophisticatedly combines different oxidations, capable of soothing the cold look of metal. The design by Francesca Lanzavecchia, who, as the international ambassador of Italian design, created this product for the Italian Design day 2017. The design bears a resemblance to a painter’s watercolour palette.


The flagship designs of the entire De Castelli collection of Italian iron furniture displayed in the Sag80 Group showroom are the works designed by the acclaimed artist Xavier Lust.


Epitome of the collection is the Oxymore bookcase, a poetic exhibition of both rigidity and fluidity. Playing with joints and wedges, this series of De Castelli furniture creates a beautiful harmony between stability and movement.


Italian Steel Furniture: Using COR-TEN to create a practical and beautiful garden

Characterised by a high mechanical resistance, the non-corrosive COR-TEN steel used by De Castelli Milano is the ideal solution for outdoor furniture.


COR-TEN has become a trademark of the Venetian company, a brand that embodies high-quality and aesthetics.


By employing the extraordinary qualities of a material capable of resisting all types of weather conditions, the De Castelli furniture in COR-TEN will blend stunningly with every type of outdoor environment.


Rural features that unite design and nature are sported by the Tardici table and the Screen-Pot flower pots. In both products the steel is inlaid using a laser-cutting process that creates a pattern capable of interacting with the outdoor flora. This is done by creating a trellis-shaped inlay that will serve as a support for vines and creepers.


De Castelli also uses COR-TEN to create outdoor light supporting structures in the shape of the age-old Gingko Biloba leaves, taking inspiration from their beautiful autumnal golden-yellow tones. The Ginko lights are perfect for garden lighting.

A special mention should also be given to the Dog House N.1, a wood and COR-TEN steel structure designed for our four-legged friends.


Discover the Italian steel furniture collection on our Sag80 Group website, and furnish your outdoor space with the unique De Castelli Furniture.

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Contact us for a quote

We are always ready to meet every request. We are here to make your dream come true. Contact us for a quote, we will guide you through each phase of the project.

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