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Agape Design: contemporary elegance and comfort


Founded in 1973 by the Benedini family in Verona, Agape design was able revolutionise the bathroom space through the use of contemporary, now-iconic, products.


For over 40 years Agape design has been changing the look of our bathrooms thanks to the Agape Bath collection, that unites sophisticated and contemporary aesthetics with high-quality products. The use of exceptionally skilled workers has even pushed the company beyond the field of home design and into the world of hotels and spas, constructing their entire looks around the bathroom space. To combine comfort and elegance in their bathroom designs, Agape Milano has employed some of the greatest names of international design, such as Marco Ferreri, Angelo Mangiarotti and Patricia Urquiola.


Spoon by Benedini & Partners, for example, is still today the most replicated bathtub design in the world.


Agape design: from Milan to the world.

Agape Milano, currently based in Mantova, is geographically positioned at the crucial intersection between Milan, the Veneto region and the Emilia region, the area where it was founded. From its origin, the company’s aptitude for design and the desire to dialogue with the very best of Italian manufacturing have allowed Agape Milano to become part of the prestigious world of design Made in Italy. Indeed, the Agape home range distinguishes itself for its exceptional high-quality and originality.


Agape home, revolutionising the bathroom

Agape Milano’s strategy was to focus on revitalising one of the most important rooms of the house: the bathroom. Thought to be a merely functional space, bathroom design had never received much attention before Agape Milano took it into their hands. The Veronese company had the brilliant idea of transforming this space into a luxurious environment devoted to our personal well-being. By doing so they addressed the needs of exacting clients who desired elegant and tasteful design for their bathrooms too. Agape Milano designs aesthetically beautiful products that transform the bathroom into a relaxing environment, to soothe the body and mind. Thanks to the esteemed reputation of Agape Bathrooms, the company was able to expand their designs into the realm of hotels, spas and even shipbuilding industries, always keeping the bathroom as the centre of each and every design project.


Agape design: refined and unique bathrooms

The Agape bath designs have left a mark on the history of the bathroom space. The company has developed some of the most iconic designs such as the Spoon and Ottocento collections by Benedini & Partners.


The Spoon bathtub, part of the Agape Bath collection, was designed in 1998 and is now an icon of contemporary design. Through time, Spoon has been able to prevail against every attempt to imitate its clean, simple and iconic design. Spoon is also a product that combines design and sustainability, as it is now available in Cristalplant® biobased, an environmentally friendly material more sustainable than the original piece made in Solid Surface. Spoon can be white or light grey and is easily combinable with other products from the same range, such as the Spoon washbasin. The elegant Spoon washbasin can be arranged in different ways: it can be placed on top of a wooden Flat XL surface or built into a thicker surface top.


The Ottocento bathtub, also part of the Agape bath collection, was designed in 2009 by Benedini & Partners and rapidly became one of the brand’s best selling products. The model vaguely recalls the traditional nineteenth-century bathtub. The prime material, however, is no longer the traditional cast iron, but Cristalplant® biobased. This material, aside from being environmentally friendly, is also soft and silky to the touch and can retain heat thanks to thermal insulation. The bathtub can be personalised in many ways: for example, the traditional white can be changed to any other colour. Furthermore, Ottocento can also be built into a structure to give a true spa look to your bathroom.


The Agape design collection includes every classic bathroom element: toilets, bidets, mirrors, storage furniture and every other type of essential furnishing accessory for the bathroom space.

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We are always ready to meet every request. We are here to make your dream come true. Contact us for a quote, we will guide you through each phase of the project.

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