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Pinton rugs, suitable for every living space


Having worked for over fifty years in the field of luxury tapestries, Maison Pinton Milano is a primary point of reference in the world textile art. Notably, the company has managed to maintain the traits of this centennial French tradition while completely embracing the modern currents of design.


The French Pinton rugs are entirely handmade: they are weaved with looms by specialised artisans and are quilted keeping the canvas framed so that 1:1 scale motifs can be created. The positioning of the threading, on the other hand, is accomplished by using a tufting gun.


Elected member of the prestigious Luxury & Excellence association, Maison Pinton Milano guarantees high-quality products, capable of meeting the high-standards of the International Carpet Classification Organization.


Honoured with the exclusive T-ICCO classification, the French Pinton rugs are made of 100% wool or of a combination composed by 80% wool and 20% polyamide, subsequently embellished with precious inserts.


The bold metallic yarn embroidery of the Nuages model beautifully suits the pearls of the Barbara and Bettina carpets, while the coarse surface of the Azérables rug juxtaposes the softness of the Polaire rug.


These stunning examples, unique for their textured cuts, are some the most intriguing pieces of a catalogue capable of including Swarovski crystals and Murano glass.


Furthermore, the strong relationship between Maison Pinton and the local weaving and dyeing firms allows the Pinton rugs to explore a huge selection of colours, that are well-preserved through hand-sewing and hand-stitching processes.


The tests carried out by the Pinton laboratories to examine the structure, texture density and visual impact of each rug, serve to calculate the resistance to usage of each piece, in order to ensure maximum comfort and durability.


Maison Pinton Milano is fully aware of the importance of tapestries and carpets in the sphere of home furnishings, so they aim to design products that reflect the identity of the spaces that will house them. To do so they offer their clients a heterogeneous collection that will suit every living space.


French modern tapestries: part of the UNESCO World Heritage list

Maison Pinton was founded in 1867 in the rural town of Felletin. Today, the company has preserved all its laboratories in the Creuse department, staying true to Elisabeth Boissiére’s statement that “history is the origin of craftsmanship”.


Further testimony of the enduring relationship between territory and Maison Pinton is shown by the latter’s dedication to the protection and promotion of the Aubusson tapestries.


Introduced in the Aquitaine region in the XIV century by a group of travelling flemish weavers, the ancestral culture of French tapestry became part of the UNESCO World Heritage in 2009. Maison Pinton Milano decided to reinterpret this age-old tradition.


Aware of the need to modernise an art in past solely dedicated to the depiction of still lives and hunting scenes, the French company opened their doors to internationally renowned artists and designers, in order to place the tradition of French tapestries on the path towards modernity.


By doing so, the Pinton artisans opened a dialogue between different shapes and styles and supported the introduction of complex artistic concepts proposed by designers such as Calder, Delaunay, Botero, Le Corbusier and, more recently, Enzo Cucchi, Joe Tilson and Etel Adnan.


The esteem of these exceptional names combined with the centennial French tradition helped award the company the title of “Living Heritage Company”. This recognition is handed by the French state to businesses that have distinguished themselves for the promotion of artisanal skills and local industry, and for the help they have given to the international distribution of products Made in France.


Manual skill and creativity are combined to create works that suit both private and public areas.


Maison Pinton has even been recognised by the most important international auction houses, who have hosted pieces from their luxury collection -  PINTON Workshop - and from their contemporary collection - PINTON Éditions.


The Maison Pinton collection goes from French tapestries that date back to the XVI century to modern limited series, including both classic patterns and bold colours. The decorative utility of these products allows them to transcend the mere status of pieces of furniture and become unique works of art.


An example of this is Look, a limited edition tapestry produced in collaboration with the London artist Joe Tilson. The tapestry is developed as a 255cmx255cm canvas that pictures a black and white eye framed by a pair of vintage glasses. Recalling the mood of Orwell’s 1984 and the features of the French philosopher Sartre, Look is a work of pop art worthy of being featured in the most prestigious contemporary art galleries.


It is not by chance then, that many Maison Pinton works are exhibited in Museums and Institutions all over the world.

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We are always ready to meet every request. We are here to make your dream come true. Contact us for a quote, we will guide you through each phase of the project.

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We are always ready to meet every request. We are here to make your dream come true. Contact us for a quote, we will guide you through each phase of the project.

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